Chapter 1124: Give Birth to my Disciple

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‘How vulgar and shameless!

‘Isn’t he forcing people to prostitute themselves? How can he force us to make a child?’

“Are you still a senior?” Ling Han questioned. “How can you ask for something so vulgar and shameless??”

“Pei! There are three kinds of unfilial deeds, not having descendants being the most severe of them. I’m merely doing what’s best for you two,” the Invincible Paragon Saint said. He was indeed a D*ckhead Saint. How could he still remain so righteous when uttering such words?

Shameless people clearly wouldn’t back down at a mere few words.

Ling Han’s mind whirred, and he said, “Why do you insist on taking a newborn as your disciple? Just look at us two. One of us possesses the most powerful offensive ability, while one of us possesses the most powerful defensive ability. Why don’t you teach your divine techniques to us?”

The Invincible Paragon Saint’s voice suddenly became cold, and he said, “Humph! Can you two be trusted?”

‘What? Has this senior been betrayed before? And he doesn’t trust anyone anymore?’

“I’ll tell you two something, and hopefully this causes you two to give up. You’ll be the parents of my disciple, after all, so you have the right to know about these matters.” The Invincible Paragon Saint paused for a moment before continuing, “I was already a supreme elite countless years ago. However, I often cultivated in seclusion in order to charge toward an even higher cultivation level.

“I had three disciples at the time, yet, in order to break through to become Saints, they actually plotted against me while I was cultivating in seclusion. Their actions caused me to suffer unhealable dao wounds.”

As expected. This senior had been betrayed before, and it was because of this that he didn’t trust people anymore.

However, this was understandable. Disciples weren’t like students, and it could be said that disciples were no different from one’s own children. Being betrayed by people so close to him naturally gave him deep wounds. As a result, it was extremely difficult for him to trust others.

Ling Han interjected, “Why did they plot against you? Wouldn’t it have been better to have the guidance of a Saint?”

“Humph, do you think the Genesis Tier is that easy to reach?” The Invincible Paragon Saint chuckled coldly, and said, “Even though my three disciples were prodigies among prodigies, their chances of reaching the Genesis Tier were still less than one in 100.

“Taking that final step isn’t something any ordinary prodigy can achieve. One also needs to come across enough rare opportunities and have enough Godly medicines to support their cultivation. Otherwise, one will only end up destroying themself if they try to break through blindly.

“They… wanted to steal the fruits of my cultivation! Although this couldn’t let them reach the Genesis Tier immediately, it raised their chances of success by at least 30%!”

This was a choice between a chance of less than 1% and a chance of more than 30%. The appeal of becoming a Saint was tremendous, and there were naturally those who would become reckless and take massive risks. In fact, there were even those who would kill their own master.

“My condolences,” Ling Han said in comfort. A puzzled expression then appeared on his face, and he asked, “Since you’ve already been betrayed by your disciples once, why are you still looking to take another disciple?”

“Humph, it’s because of this that I need to teach my disciple from when they’re a blank piece of paper,” the Invincible Paragon Saint said.

‘Fine, this senior has become obsessed with finding a newborn disciple.’

“I can’t be bothered talking to you anymore. Let us out of here!” Ling Han shouted.

“No problem! I’ll let you two leave once you give birth to my disciple!” the Invincible Paragon Saint said. “Just think about it. One day, the child of you two will become a supreme elite who can sweep through the galaxies and universe. How glorious is that!”

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “There’s no need to got to so much trouble. Some day, I myself will be able to sweep through the entire world. I don’t need to rely on my children!”

“Sh*tty brat, you’re really brimming with confidence, aren’t you?” the Invincible Paragon Saint grumbled. “You’re actually claiming that you can sweep through the entire world!”

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Aren’t you the one calling yourself the Invincible Paragon Saint?”

The Invincible Paragon Saint was rendered speechless. Although his current title was a bit over the top, at least he had been a Saint before. But what about Ling Han? “My true identity is the Notionless Saint,” he said.

He revealed his true identity to prevent Ling Han from using his nickname to attack him.

Ling Han pondered for a moment before saying, “Senior, it’s already been so long, so perhaps your three disciples have already passed away.”

“Impossible!” the Notionless Saint immediately said. “Although I was able to escape with my crippled body, my Saintly Origin was snatched by my three traitorous disciples. With their talents… it’s extremely likely that they’ve all become Saints!

“I’ve been cultivating my divine sense all these years, and I’ve even ground away my saintly might such that my disciple will be able to inherit it. This is also why I haven’t returned to the outside world for so long. Based on my estimations, only a few hundred million years have passed, so those three traitorous disciples of mine are definitely still alive. Moreover, their cultivation has most likely reached a profound level as well.”

Ling Han felt that this Saint had lived through a lot of grief. He had been screwed over by his disciples in life, yet after he died, he still chose to grind away his own divine sense in order to benefit his future disciple. Was there really a need for him to do this?

“Senior, can’t you live a second life?” he asked.

“How can I live a second life without obtaining a Reincarnation Flower?” the Notionless Saint said. “However, only one Reincarnation Flower will exist in the entire Immortal Realm at any one time. Moreover, each flower needs tens of billions of years to bloom. As invincible as Saint Kings are, even they can only sigh in disappointment before a half-bloomed Reincarnation Flower if they’re born during the wrong time.

“Anyhow, enough with the nonsense! Hurry up and make a disciple for me!

“Rest assured, I won’t peek!”

“Oi! Oi!” Ling Han shouted. However, the stone tablet didn’t make another sound.

Empress Luan Xing had been silently listening from the side this entire time. However, she turned her gaze onto Ling Han now, killing intent burning in her eyes.

‘You want to create children with me?

‘Go die!’

The empress launched a ferocious attack toward Ling Han. However, she suddenly discovered that her cultivation level had been suppressed to the Shattering Void Tier just as her attack flew out. How could such a measly attack kill Ling Han?

“Hehehe! Brat, I’ve already suppressed the cultivation level of this thorny rose. What are you waiting for?” The Notionless Saint’s voice traveled into their ears again.

“O-old delinquent!” Ling Han was absolutely stupefied. What kind of Saint was this? He had no bottom line at all!

He turned to face Empress Luan Xing, and his mouth involuntarily gaped open.

Empress Luan Xing’s cultivation level had been suppressed, and as a result, the aura of Primal Chaos that enveloped her also started to disappear rapidly. Her true appearance was gradually revealed.

Beautiful, alluring, pure, enchanting, seductive!

Ling Han couldn’t find any single adjective to describe Empress Luan Xing. This was because there was a mix of purity and seductiveness, aloofness and allure, and other strikingly contrasting dispositions on her breathtakingly beautiful face. These qualities shouldn’t have appeared on the face of a single person, and yet they did.

However, these features didn’t make Empress Luan Xing appear odd in the least. Rather, they filled her with a bewitching aura that was as fiery as fire, yet as frosty as ice. Different notions of beauty were all gathered in her one body, and even the hearts of ascetic monks would flutter if they laid their eyes upon her.

Her charisma had already transcended the state of mere beauty.

In terms of beauty alone, the Imperial Empress of the Roc Palace had been no less beautiful than her. In fact, her disposition had even been slightly nobler. However, in terms of one’s allure to males, there was no one else in the world who could match this empress!

At least until now, Ling Han still had yet to see another woman who was as striking and as feminine as this empress.

No wonder the Eternity Sky Emperor and Jade Drop Emperor were willing to give up their Majestic Empires for her hand in marriage. She was indeed a beauty who was worth giving up one’s nation for—elites as powerful as the Eternity Sky and Jade Drop Emperor could definitely see through the aura of Primal Chaos that shrouded Empress Luan Xing. As such, they had naturally seen her true appearance before.

In fact, those at the Heavenly Body Tier could probably all see her true appearance. According to rumors, the Left Minister and the other officials all didn’t dare to look at Empress Luan Xing when attending the court. By the looks of it, they were afraid of committing “stupid acts” if they looked at the empress too much.

However, the cultivation level of this breathtaking seductive beauty had actually been suppressed now. As long as Ling Han wished, he could force himself onto this empress. This kind of temptation… What man could hold himself back?