Chapter 1126: Don’t be like that!

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‘Could it be that… Ling Han is shattering his Godly bones himself?’

This was the only possibility that Empress Luan Xing could think of. However, why was Ling Han doing this? He was doing just fine, so what was the point of shattering his own Godly bones? One had to realize that the toughness of Ling Han’s Godly bones was already on par with Level Four Godly metal. It could be said that he had the ability to pass the heavenly tribulation lying down.

‘Is he tempering his Godly bones?’

She was surprised, and then stunned. ‘If his Godly bones become stronger, just how freakish will his defensive ability become?’

Of course, even a defensive ability on par with Level Five Godly metal was as weak as paper before her. However, based on Ling Han’s actions, it was clear that his defensive ability would continue to grow with his cultivation level. It would continue to remain slightly stronger than his actual cultivation level.

This was a terrifying notion!

‘This man who came from a small world… Why does he possess such an astonishing ability? Is he also from some ancient divine tribe?’

“F*ck!” The Notionless Saint also swore in surprise. His cultivation level was even higher than Empress Luan Xing, and he had also lived for much longer than her. However, he had never heard of such a freakish physique before, much less seen one.

He had initially thought that Ling Han’s powerful physique was a result of him ingesting some invaluable treasure. In other words, his physique becoming so strong was just a one-off event. Now, however, he realized that it could actually grow stronger along with Ling Han’s cultivation level!

“Is this brat also from some large clan?” The Notionless Saint felt as if he were dreaming.

Having someone with a Nine Snake Tribe bloodline appear was already a rare event. The Nine Snake Tribe was an ancient divine tribe, and they were already lost from the Immortal Realm. However, Ling Han’s incredible talent was definitely no weaker than Empress Luan Xing’s!

‘Is he also a descendant of some ancient divine tribe?’

The Notionless Saint’s astonishment was gradually replaced by delight. ‘If the descendants of two ancient divine tribes mate, just how freakishly talented will their offspring be?’

Such an offspring had never appeared before, not even in the ancient past. This was because the populations of these ancient divine tribes numbered far too few. Although there had been a few prodigies from these tribes in the distant past, none of them had ever ended up marrying each other.

“I can’t wait to see the results!” he murmured to himself.

Ling Han crushed his Godly bones and accepted the tempering offered by the heavenly tribulation. At the same time, he also continued to channel the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll as he elevated his cultivation level to a greater height.

Heavenly tribulation was nothing to Ling Han, and its most important purpose was to temper his Godly bones. There was nothing more for him to do, so he decided to retrieve his Divine Demon Sword. Since this sword could improve in quality through swallowing Godly metal, perhaps it would also receive some benefits by being tempered by the heavenly tribulation.

Half a day’s time quickly trickled by. Ling Han circulated a drop of Indestructible True Fluid and reformed his Godly bones. Even though he was in a closed-off realm, the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth still surged into his body and consolidated his dao foundation.

Combined with the rich life essence in the tomb, he was naturally able to recover all of his vitality. His aura swarmed about vigorously, displaying the exuberance of his vitality.

Ling Han descended from the sky and slipped into a new change of clothes—his old clothes had naturally been blasted into dust by the violent strikes of the heavenly tribulation.

He frowned slightly as he looked up at the sky. This was because this space had actually continued to grow even under the ferocious attacks of the tribulation. This space had expanded to a size large enough for him to undergo the tribulation, in effect preventing the latter from destroying it.

As expected of a Saint. This was an ability that he couldn’t even fathom.

“Sh*tty brat, who would’ve thought? You managed to surprise me again!” The Notionless Saint laughed heartily, and said, “The toughness of your physique is probably on par with Level Five Godly metal now, am I correct?”

Ling Han knew that he couldn’t hide this from a Saint, even though this Saint was already dead, and only had a wisp of his soul remaining. He carefully checked over his body before answering, “Not yet. It’s far, far stronger than Level Four Godly metal, but there’s still some distance before it can reach the state of Level Five Godly metal.”

Perhaps Ling Han would need to form a fifth Mountain and River and pass another heavenly tribulation before his Godly bones could be tempered to a toughness of Level Five Godly metal.

“Hurry up and make me a disciple!” the Notionless Saint shouted enthusiastically.

“I’m just going to ignore you,” Ling Han said. He sat down and continued to cultivate.

Although the Notionless Saint still possessed incredible powers, just being powerful alone was useless when it came to copulating and making kids. He humphed, and said, “Do you two want to stay here forever?”

“This place is fine,” Ling Han said with a smile. “It’s rich with life essence, and that makes it perfect for cultivation.” He naturally wouldn’t back down.

“We’ll wait and see!” The Notionless Saint disappeared in anger.

Time flew by. Three months, nine months, one year…

Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing had already been trapped in this tower for a full year’s time. Although this was an insignificant amount of time for Immortals, the fact that their confinement could extend into decades, centuries, and even millennia made this increasingly unbearable.

Ling Han’s cultivation had already shot to the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. His next step would be to either form five Mountains and Rivers, or advance into the Sun Moon Tier and set foot in a completely new cultivation level.

However, the Notionless Saint’s patience was already wearing thin. He issued another warning through the stone tablet, saying, “My time is limited. You two have forced me to do this.”

“Oi, oi, oi, you’re not going to kill us, are you? Also, how is your time limited? Aren’t you already dead?” Ling Han said with a chuckle.

“Humph! I refined my own divine sense, so how can I survive for much longer?” The Notionless Saint’s voice was cold, and he said, “Since you’re not willing to take initiative, I’m left with no option but to force that little girl to take initiative!”


Empress Luan Xing’s aura suddenly became incredibly terrifying. In this instant, she recovered her cultivation as a Heavenly Body Tier elite.

However, Ling Han didn’t believe this to be good news. Quite the contrary, in fact. The Notionless Saint had already issued such threats, so he definitely didn’t have anything good in mind.

Empress Luan Xing’s appearance was once again shrouded by an aura of Primal Chaos. Her body also shimmered as it became partly hidden and partly visible, though it was still as stunning and as enchanting as ever. She raised her head to look at Ling Han, and Ling Han felt as if he had been locked onto by a wolf, even though he couldn’t see her breathtakingly beautiful eyes.

This feeling wasn’t that of a rabbit being locked onto by a hungry wolf. Rather… it was that of a male wolf being locked onto by a female wolf in heat!

“Sh*tty senior, what the hell did you do?” Ling Han asked in shock.

“Hehe, I merely put her in heat,” the Notionless Saint said with a chuckle. “Okay, my job here is done. I’ll leave now and leave you two to have fun!”

“Old b*stard! Stop right where you—”


Empress Luan Xing leaped over before Ling Han could even finish his sentence. She embraced him tightly, and like a female leopard in heat, tried to forcefully push him onto the ground.

No, no, no, she was more like a beautiful snake who had coiled around his body.

“Oi, oi, oi, I’ve already restrained myself, so can’t you show some restraint too?!” Ling Han tried his best to break free from Empress Luan Xing as he spoke, yet it was futile even though he had already reached the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. After all, how could he resist an opponent who was at the Heavenly Body Tier?

Empress Luan Xing moaned softly. There was no reason for this, yet her moan was filled with a bewitching seductiveness that caused a lustful heat to spread through Ling Han’s body.

Empress Luan Xing was a breathtaking beauty who could hook a man’s soul with a single glance. Even Shui Yanyu’s beauty was eclipsed by her—she was like a village girl before Empress Luan Xing. What man could turn down such a stunning beauty, especially when she was actively asking to be taken?

Ling Han gritted his teeth. Although he had dreamed of capturing and spanking the empress after he attained a supreme cultivation, that had merely been a dream.

Taking advantage of others while they were weak was not what a man should do.

Empress Luan Xing had already started to kiss Ling Han. She continued to look for his lips, and when she couldn’t find them, she would simply kiss him somewhere else, anywhere else.

Ling Han really wanted to slap himself. He was actually trying to escape from a stunning beauty in heat? Was he retarded!


A large chunk of his clothes was ripped off. Even his “ferocious weapon” was almost revealed.


Would Little Han be f*cked by the empress?