Chapter 1191: 10 Ginseng Roots

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“Oh?” Ling Han was slightly surprised, and he asked, “Why do I have to take you out? You have your own legs, don’t you?”

‘Not only that, but you’re also as quick as the wind!’

“Foolish human, don’t you know that there are people standing guard outside? A few of them are incredibly powerful too. If I leave by myself, I’ll definitely be captured and made into a stew!” the old ginseng said.

“Hmm? You actually know that there are powerful elites outside?” Ling Han clapped his hands, and said, “Oh, I see. You were already waiting by the entrance when the mystery realm opened. You had wanted to leave, yet you discovered that there were Heavenly Body Tier and Eternal River Tier elites standing guard outside. You… became afraid!”

That being the case… It was very likely that this despicable ginseng had set his eyes on him since a long time ago.

“Although I’m excellent at fleeing, I’m still fairly fearful of those bastards outside.” The old ginseng didn’t mince his words, and continued, “I know that you have a treasure on you, one that can hold living beings. Let me hide in it for a while. Once I get out, I’ll reward you with supreme divine fluid!”

Ling Han gazed at the old ginseng, and he involuntarily recalled the sight of him drooling while he had been leering at the big breasts of Shen Zhu’er. His expression darkened, and he said, “The supreme divine fluid that you speak of… isn’t your drool, right?”

Although that could indeed be classified as treasure fluid, it was still nowhere near the level of divine fluid.

The old ginseng flushed red in embarrassment, and coughed before saying, “I received the fortune of heaven and earth, and my entire body is full of treasures. Do you think anyone can receive my drool?”

This old sleazebag!

The repayment for helping him escape this mystery realm was some of his saliva? Was he f*cking trying to humiliate him?

Ling Han started to bargain with him, saying, “Give me half of your body, and I’ll take you out.”

“Brat, you’re far too greedy! You actually want to cut me in half?” The old ginseng jumped up and down in rage. “Eat my treasured ginseng foot! See how I stomp you to your senses!”

The human and ginseng started to fight again. However, they stopped after exchanging a few blows.

“I’ll give you one strand of my root, tops!” the old ginseng said.

“100 strands!” Ling Han made an exorbitant demand.

“F*ck off! I only have 37 roots in total. There won’t be enough even if I pluck all of them for you!” the old ginseng shouted.

“Then I’ll settle for 37,” Ling Han said in an understanding voice.

The old ginseng shook his head, and said, “In your dreams! Two max!”

They continued to bargain. In the end, they settled on 10 roots.

“That’s right, what breed are you?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

“Sh*tty brat, you dare to insult me?” The old ginseng launched a kick at Ling Han.

Ling Han blocked with his hand. He then nodded, and said, “I can guess even if you don’t tell me. You’re either a perverted ginseng, or you’re an unvirtuous ginseng.”

“You’re making me so mad!” The old ginseng jumped around in rage, and then said, “Brat, make a dao oath.”

A dao oath was when someone made an oath to the great dao of heaven and earth. There existed an intangible will of heaven, and if one didn’t keep their dao oath, they would be punished by heaven and earth. Going against a dao oath was a massive taboo—no one dared to do this.

Ling Han nodded, and then made a dao oath. This was an oath to heaven and earth, so he couldn’t escape his liability even if he disguised his identity.

The old ginseng finally relaxed upon seeing this. He jumped onto Ling Han’s shoulder, and said, “Brat, you’re fairly lucky. You managed to win the hearts of two beautiful girls.”

This old ginseng was becoming perverted again.

Ling Han shook his head. This old ginseng came and went as he pleased, and he had even managed to discover his Black Tower. He had most likely observed him for a long time, and only appeared on the medicinal mountain upon approving his character.

“Perverted ginseng, when did you achieve dao? Also, why do you want to leave this place?”

“I engulfed the essence of heaven and earth, and I obtained the vital energy of sun and moon…”

Ling Han hurriedly interrupted, and said, “Stop, stop, stop! Stop bragging and cut to the chase!”

The old ginseng was extremely displeased. Why couldn’t he brag for a while? He mumbled for a while before finally telling his tale.

Several tens of thousands of years ago, he gained a blurry awareness. He had instinctively absorbed the vital energy of heaven and earth, and thus started to cultivate. However, he had only managed to grow arms and legs during the past several million or so years. This allowed him to escape from the ground and travel around the lands.

However, this mystery realm was relatively small. Moreover, the more Regulations that he mastered, the more that this mystery realm would target him and made him suffer from backlashes. As a result, he urgently wanted to escape.

However, even though this mystery realm opened twice every 100 years—once for people to enter and once for people to leave—the outside was filled with elites. Thus, he didn’t dare to leave lest he be made into a ginseng stew by the people outside.

This time, however, he had no choice but to leave. He had a feeling that this was his last chance to leave—even if he could survive the next 100 years, he would be erased and killed by this mystery realm.

Ling Han slapped his thigh, and said, “If I had known this earlier, I would have been more aggressive in my bargaining!”

“Haha! You’re still 20,000 years too young to contend with your ginseng grandpa!” There was a smug smile on the old ginseng’s face.

Ling Han chuckled upon hearing this. Fortunately for the old ginseng, Hu Niu wasn’t here. Otherwise, his smugness would probably lead to him being stuffed into a pot and cooked into a stew.

The old ginseng shuddered, and said, “Brat, can you wipe that creepy smile off your face? I’m getting goosebumps just looking at you.”

“How can you get goosebumps?” Hu Feiyun asked curiously.

The old ginseng shot an annoyed look at her, and said, “Little girl, it’s a figure of speech, understand? You don’t look too young, so why are you still so stupid?”

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “Your mouth is so toxic; you’re bound to suffer one day!”

“Pei! Your ginseng grandpa is transcendent above the nine heavens and 10 lands! Once I leave this place, who can still capture me?” The old ginseng was brimming with confidence.

Ling Han grinned, and said, “I’ll introduce you to someone in the future.”

He couldn’t wait to see Hu Niu trampling all over this old ginseng. There was no reason for this, but Ling Han instinctively believed that Hu Niu could suppress this old ginseng.

This old ginseng was extremely lively, and he would brag and fight with Ling Han when there was no one around. He would occasionally tease Shui Yanyu and Hu Feiyun as well, though he would naturally end up being chased around and attacked by Ling Han. Thus, he couldn’t get near Shui Yanyu or Hu Feiyun.

If there were outsiders around, he would tunnel into the ground. No one here could discover him.

“Brat, you’re going to that final treasure storage?” The old ginseng became serious upon learning of Ling Han’s target destination, and said, “That’s not a good place to be. I passed that area several times, and I felt apprehensive each time.”

“Oh, do you know anything about that place?” Although Ling Han possessed the Black Tower and was confident in protecting himself, the Black Tower wasn’t all-powerful. It would be quite troublesome if he were to be trapped in that place.

The old ginseng shook his head, and said, “How would I know anything? That place is swirling with deathly aura, so I never attempted to near it!”

Ling Han pondered for a moment, but still decided to go.

Fist of all, he had already promised the others that he would go. He couldn’t go back on his promise. Second of all, he was extremely curious.

After leaving the “eagle mountain”, the surrounding environment became desolate. There were scars left by battles everywhere, and the multitude of obliterated mountains revealed just how intense the battles in the past had been.

That was a mountain range of the Immortal Realm, so just how sturdy were the mountains? However, they were completely crushed now. The person who had obliterated them was definitely supremely powerful.

There were no Demonic Beasts, and there were no Godly medicines. There was only the Yellow Spring that surged through the sky.

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