Chapter 1260: Strangeness (Part Four)

“This… we aren’t sure yet. We need to do more research. Perhaps you can try to communicate with her,” Cain suggested, “Her mind automatically closed-up. You could say that a mysterious force shut down her mind. Perhaps only you can try to open it.”

Fei nodded and followed Cain and Akara to the center of the Mad Scientists Laboratory.

The green-haired woman was locked onto a stone bed that was engraved with magic imprisonment runes.

This woman’s eyes were closed, and she was in a deep sleep, looking like the sleeping beauty with a gentle, sweet, and cute aura. She seemed like the girl next door, and it was hard to link her to the female monster that led the bugs, killed many humans, and battled with an unrivaled master like Fei.

Her body was coiled by invisible chains of order derived from the laws of space, sealing all her strength.

Fei patiently observed on the side for a while before nodding and saying, “Your estimates are correct. Her mind didn’t shut down on her own; a mysterious force sealed it. Eh… this force…”

Fei sensed a trace of a familiar presence, which was identical to the presence of the [Mother Empress] who was the supreme lord of the bugs and failed to descend at the leaping-point star system.

Fei concentrated for a while and slowly emitted a streak of light-purple spirit energy, wrapping around the woman who was asleep. Then, it turned into an invisible spiral-shaped needle, approaching this woman’s head.

As long as Fei could break this mysterious force and invade this woman’s mind, he would be able to read her memory and understand the secrets.

Fei was quite expectant, and so were Cain and Akara. While holding their breaths, they looked at Fei and waited for answers.

Everyone hoped that they could find some answers from this green-haired woman.

Time slowly passed by, and many small sweat drops appeared on Fei’s forehead. It seemed like he was under a lot of stress.

Even when he battled with those 20 supreme-god-level bugs, Fei didn’t use this much effort. The layer of mysterious energy that sealed this woman’s mind was terrifying; its quality was even better than Fei’s power which was at the peak Supreme God Realm. Fei had to be very careful and slowly dissolved this seal.

Soon, an hour passed by.

“It is done.” Fei suddenly turned joyous! The streak of spiral-shaped spirit energy finally breached the seal and slowly poked into this green-haired woman’s mind.

Instantly, many mystical scenes appeared in Fei’s mind as his spirit energy fed the information back to him.
These scenes were filled with beautiful mountains and rivers, and they were exceptionally gorgeous. There were many people, but Fei couldn’t clearly see their faces. In one scene, it seemed like a man and a woman were talking about something with smiles on their faces, but it was vague and dark.

Overall, there were only limited scenes.

This meant that these scenes were deep inside the mind of this woman. She had almost forgotten them, or a mysterious force was about to completely wipe them out.

“Where is this place? There aren’t any bugs in her memory?” Fei used more spirit energy and tried to unleash more power using his technique, wanting to see everything more clearly.

At that moment, something unexpected happened.

A streak of cold, violent, and murderous presence suddenly surged out from the depths of this woman’s mind, crushing the streak of spirit energy that Fei used to poke into her mind. Then, as if a line of gasoline caught fire, this presence rushed toward Fei’s mind viciously.