Chapter 1537 – Primal Chaos Lightning Eye

“It’s about time… for this battle to end!” Within the Sacred Land, the long-silent Life God sorrowfully sighed as her majestic and elegant figure slowly stepped forward.

The moment the Life God entered the war, the gloomy, cruel, and bloodstained battlefield instantly calmed down. An invisible energy that dominated the world began to radiate across the battlefield.

At this moment, the Life God was the center of the world, emitting a dazzling mist. The countless restless spirits and ghosts attacking the Life Sacred Land’s forces trembled in fear, and the effectiveness of the curse was halved.

“Lord God!” God King Radiant Peak lowered his head in respect. Since he was unable to undo the Left Protector’s Ghostfiend Death Curse, the Life God had to intervene.

“The Life God, hm?” The Left Protector’s body sank down as an oppressive feeling appeared in his heart.

“As expected of a God!” Zhao Feng was also looking at the Life God.

The current her fused nobility, beauty, elegance, and pride in a single body. She had the many advantages of a woman, but also the resolve of a man. In her dazzling glory, she captured the attention of everyone on the battlefield.

Even the Nightmare Beast King fell silent, not daring to make a ruckus.

The world seemed to grovel in front of the Life God and revolve around her.


The Life God’s eyes began to turn, boundless Life energy rippling forth. The entire world was flooded with vitality, the somber mood swept away and turned into a vast forest.

Under this intense Life energy, all ghosts and evil souls were pushed out and suppressed.


These ghosts wailed and shrieked as their bodies faded and vanished.

“Directly obliterated through the power of will!” God King Radiant Peak sighed in praise.

The will of a God was just this strong. If they wanted someone to die, they would die!

The Life God was no expert in the soul, but she was still able to easily dispel the Ghostfiend Death Curse.

“I will seize your life!” The Life God suddenly stared at the Left Protector.


Her crystalline green eyes were brimming with endless vitality, but the Left Protector only felt unprecedented danger when stared at by these eyes. It was like he would be dead a moment later.

For the Life God to snatch a life was an extremely simple matter.


The invisible energy of a God descended, but at this moment, an imposing white-robed elder appeared in front of the Left Protector: the Heaven Lord. This energy that would snatch away life was stopped by the Heaven Lord.


A domineering divine might erupted from the Heaven Lord’s body, unleashing golden and silver light that clashed with the Life God’s energy.

This shapeless clash of power caused the surrounding space to twist and shatter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As these two energies fiercely clashed, stirring up fierce and destructive storms, they eventually vanished.

“It seems like you’ve fused with the bloodline of the Ancient Race.” The Life God’s gorgeous face was indifferent.

She was not surprised by this. After all, she had already seen many other powerful bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. If the Heaven Lord dared to attack the Life Sacred Land, he naturally had to have some sort of extraordinary trump card.

“Life God, since you’re no longer waiting, let’s fight with all our power!” The Heaven Lord smiled.

Booom! Bzzzzz!

The space behind him twisted as several enormous silhouettes appeared. These silhouettes gradually grew more distinct, revealing themselves to be warships that were armed to the teeth. At the prow of each of these ships was a massive black-gold firing platform. Two members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race sat next to each firing platform, responsible for controlling the platform.

“Destruction weapons!” God King Radiant Peak focused his eyes.

The Destruction weapons of the Heaven’s Legacy Race were incredibly powerful and had a massive area of effect. The Heaven’s Legacy Race had once used this kind of weapon to destroy the major factions of other zones from afar.

Besides that, these three warships had other unknown installations that exuded an intimidating aura.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One figure after another flew out of the warships, all of them automatons, with many high-class Death God Guards among them.

“What a terrifying faction!” Zhao Feng sighed in wonder.

The Heaven Defying Faction had displayed far more strength than Zhao Feng ever would’ve imagined. It was no wonder the Illusion God Sacred Land had been conquered after putting up so little resistance, with many of its upper echelon members even being enslaved.

Of course, Sacred Lands presided over by Gods were the strongest factions of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Although the Life God was not a powerful fighter, she had many connections. More and more experts were coming to reinforce the Life Sacred Land, and its overall fighting power had reached an astonishing level.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng shattered the Thousand Devil Nightmare and left his Dream Dimension.

The war had entered its final stage, but no one knew who the eventual victor would be. Thus, Zhao Feng needed to do all he could to heavily injure the enemy and obtain a victory for the Life Sacred Land.

At this moment, peerless energy exploded in the sky, tearing it to pieces and casting all into chaos.

A proud woman of peerless beauty stood in that chaotic sky, her body surrounded by a divine green light. Behind the Life God, the enormous phantom of a God Eye had appeared. Embedded in the sky, it cowed and awed all things in the world.

On the other side, the Heaven Lord had already transformed into an Ancient God-Devil, his entire body surrounded by silver and golden rays of light and radiating an energy that viewed the entire world with disdain. All the living beings down below found it hard to breathe under the pressure of the Ancient Race bloodline.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

In a flash, the two exchanged several dozen moves. Countless green balls of light collided with golden and silver rays, extinguishing each other.

“This is the power of the Heaven Lord?” Zhao Feng was startled.

The Heaven Lord could fight directly against the Life God. This meant this strength was infinitesimally close to the strength of a God, or perhaps was already at the God level.

Of course, the Heaven Lord was primarily relying on his Ancient Race bloodline. Yu Heng’s fusion level with the Ancient Race bloodline had only been at twenty to thirty percent, but Zhao Feng estimated that the Heaven Lord’s fusion level with the Ancient Race bloodline was at least ninety percent, perhaps even higher.

As the Life God and the Heaven Lord battled, the two factions also began to fight with all their strength.

The three black-gold firing platforms on the three warships began to fire. Boom! Swish!

A massive golden beam of light swept forth, its strength something that not even a Third Heaven God Lord would dare to carelessly take on.

But the Sacred Land was already prepared; three green crystalline shields suddenly formed on the Sacred Land’s array and flew forward.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The golden beams of light slammed into the green energy shields, sending Destructive energy sweeping out from the impact zone.

In the chaos, a powerful energy began to approach Zhao Feng.

“Divine Emissary Wu!” Zhao Feng looked into the distance.

After being defeated, Divine Emissary Wu had returned to the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom for treatment. He had recovered most of his strength now and could not be taken lightly.


Divine Emissary Wu immediately activated his Demon God Race bloodline, turning into a black-violet God-Devil that exuded an intimidating demonic energy.

“Demonheaven Palm!” Divine Emissary Wu gathered up his Darkfiend energy and fired off a massive black-violet palm.

His carelessness from before had allowed Zhao Feng to turn the tides of the battle and win. This time, he had to redeem himself.

“Primal Chaos Domain!” Zhao Feng immediately unleashed vast quantities of Primal Chaos energy into his surroundings, turning it into a Primal Chaos Domain. In the Primal Chaos Domain, Zhao Feng’s strength was boosted.


Gripping the Primal Chaos Ancestral Artifact fragment, Zhao Feng created a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword and repeatedly swung it.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng also activated his left eye and fired off a Primal Chaos Lightning Sword. Boom! Plush!

The waves of Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy together with the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword obliterated the black-violet palm. The Primal Chaos Lightning Sword then continued to shoot toward Divine Emissary Wu.

At this moment, a white mirror fragment appeared in Divine Emissary Wu’s hand, emanating a powerful Time energy.

After his earlier defeat, Divine Emissary Wu borrowed an Ancestral Artifact fragment from the Heaven Defying Faction.

In a flash, the power of a Time Law radiated out, allowing Divine Emissary Wu to swiftly dodge Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos Lightning Sword.

“This old scoundrel…! As expected, he came prepared.” Zhao Feng’s eyes dimmed.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques were extremely effective against the Demon God Race. Of his many eye- bloodline techniques, his strongest was the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword.

However, his Primal Chaos Lightning Sword could not be instantly fired, and there was a chance it could be dodged. Divine Emissary Wu had naturally noticed this, so he borrowed this Time Ancestral Artifact fragment so that he could buy himself the time to dodge the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword.

Zhao Feng’s goal had always been to fuse his Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame with his Primal Chaos Sword, increasing its power and allowing him to instantly fire it, but he had never succeeded. The reason was that so much power was contained in this eye-bloodline technique that it became rather hard to control.

“However, if I’m in my Dream Dimension, where I’m boosted in all aspects, I might be able to succeed!” Zhao Feng speculated.

“Haha, Zhao Feng, this time, I’ll tear your corpse to pieces!” Divine Emissary Wu loudly laughed as he flew toward Zhao Feng, his fists and palms unleashing supreme Darkfiend energy.

“Dream Dimension Expansion!” Zhao Feng circulated his Dream Origin and Thought power to create a Dream Dimension and spread it into his surroundings.

Gradually, an area for tens of thousands of li around Zhao Feng was converted into a dreamy paradise. In the Dream Dimension, all of Zhao Feng’s traits were boosted, and the impossible could be made possible.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

As the Primal Chaos Domain fused with the Dream Dimension, its power greatly increased. The Primal Chaos energy dyed with dreamy colors surged forward, blocking Divine Emissary Wu’s attacks.

At the center of the Primal Chaos Domain, Zhao Feng began to turn his left eye. Primal Chaos energy, Tribulation Lightning energy, and Dream Origin energy mixed together into a dark lightning sword that exuded a rainbow of colors.

“Go!” Zhao Feng called out.

As soon as he fired off this lightning sword, he knew that he had succeeded.

Divine Emissary Wu, who was just about to break through Zhao Feng’s defenses, suddenly sensed danger.


A dark lightning sword struck his God-Devil Body, releasing all its power. A sword-shaped mark was left on Divine Emissary Wu’s chest, the area around it scorched black. Divine Emissary Wu’s insides were in an even worse state, Tribulation Lightning and Primal Chaos flames raging within it.

“How could this be?” Divine Emissary Wu’s face twitched in disbelief.

This time, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique was much more powerful than the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword, and it was instantly fired without the possibility of dodging. His previous preparations had instantly lost their purpose.

“Success!” Zhao Feng smiled.

The eye-bloodline technique he used just now was far more powerful than the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword. It fused together the Primal Chaos Sword, Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame, and Zhao Feng’s profound understanding of eye- bloodline techniques.

That sword brand that had imprinted itself on Divine Emissary Wu’s body was impossible to dodge and incredibly powerful.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!” Zhao Feng’s left eye revolved once more, chaotic energy instantly coalescing into a miniature Primal Chaos Lightning Sword that was circled by an Eye Flame.



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