Chapter 1538 – The Heavenly Dao God Eye (I)

“Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!” Zhao Feng’s left eye revolved once more, chaotic energy instantly coalescing into a miniature Primal Chaos Lightning Sword that was circled by an Eye Flame.

Divine Emissary Wu instantly paled at this sight.


He activated his Time Ancestral Artifact fragment and began to rapidly move around.

One could only counter instant-fire eye-bloodline techniques by rapidly moving around so that the enemy could not lock on.

Divine Emissary Wu rapidly approached Zhao Feng. If he attacked Zhao Feng, he would be struck by Zhao Feng’s eye- bloodline technique. Thus, he decided to exchange wound for wound and attack with all his power. Thus, even if he was struck by Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique, he would not suffer too great of a loss.


Zhao Feng waved a hand, creating several dozen simple Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords, and he fired all of them with another wave of his hand.

Divine Emissary Wu activated his God-Devil Body, and violet rays of light began to flow across it as a black-violet halo appeared around his body.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Divine Emissary Wu pushed his way through these attacks and flew closer to Zhao Feng.

“Demon God Roar!” Divine Emissary Wu’s eyes erupted with a demonic light, and he gathered up immense amounts of Darkfiend energy in his body and spewed it from his mouth.


A vast ring-shaped shockwave of black-violet energy howled toward Zhao Feng.

At the same time, Zhao Feng unleashed his Primal Chaos Lightning Eye.


The Primal Chaos Lightning Eye instantly struck Divine Emissary Wu’s God-Devil Body. Another sword-shaped brand was left on his body, energy seething off of it and entering the insides of his body.

Of course, Divine Emissary Wu had expected this and did his utmost to resist this power.

After firing the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye, Zhao Feng’s expression darkened. Suddenly, a black-violet shockwave was rushing toward him, the Darkfiend energy within it obliterating everything in its path. Directly taking this shockwave would result in death or excruciating pain.

However, Zhao Feng was within the Dream Dimension now. His overall strength had increased, and he could make the impossible possible.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex!” Zhao Feng released massive amounts of Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy to create the pitch-black Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.


The black-violet shockwave continued to hurtle forward. The Dream Dimension around Zhao Feng trembled, showing signs of instability.

“It seems that I underestimated this strike!” Zhao Feng’s face turned stem. Even his own Dream Dimension was being affected. But this was the Demon God Race, after all.


Zhao Feng immediately compressed his Dream Dimension so that it was about the same size as his Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex, the two of them overlapping. At the same time, Zhao Feng circulated his Dream Dao energy to strength his Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex’s defenses.


The ring-shaped shockwave engulfed Zhao Feng. Violent Darkfiend energy constantly assailed the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex. The Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex’s power was shaved away, bit by bit.

Zhao Feng circulated his left eye, unleashing vast quantities of Dream Origin energy and Thought power. Gradually, the defenses of the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex strengthened while the attack Zhao Feng was confronting weakened.

In the end, the black-violet shockwave howled past, but Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex still remained. It was rather damaged, but inside, Zhao Feng was completely unscathed.


In the distance, Divine Emissary Wu saw this sight and vomited blood. That attack was backed by his full strength, but it failed to even hurt Zhao Feng, let alone kill him.

At this time, Zhao Feng was sighing in wonder at the Dream God Eye’s power. He felt like he was able to use more and more of the Dream God Eye’s power, and that it was even stronger than before. Although this didn’t imbue Zhao Feng with any formidable offensive power, it could change the nature of many things and allow Zhao Feng to resolve the dangers facing him.

Glancing at the Life God in the sky, Zhao Feng imagined that, once he was able to completely wield the power of the Dream God Eye, he would become an expert like that.

“It’s time to finish you off now!” Zhao Feng focused his eyes. Divine Emissary Wu was the strongest of the Divine Emissaries and invincible among Third Heaven God Lords. Killing him would have a rather significant effect on the battle.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!” Zhao Feng once more created a Primal Chaos Lightning Eye.

Now that Zhao Feng had succeeded in using the eye-bloodline technique once, he no longer needed to be in the Dream Dimension to use it.

“Not good!” Divine Emissary Wu paled in fear.

He had already taken two blows from the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye. Even with his God-Devil Body, he was severely injured.


Divine Emissary Wu immediately fled.

However, he had barely begun to move when a frightening energy descended upon him.


Another Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning brand struck, leaving a sword-shaped burn on his head. At the same time, enormous energy poured in and frenziedly tore at Divine Emissary Wu’s body.

Divine Emissary Wu was shuddering all over as black smoke rose from his body. His God-Devil Body curled up into a ball while his aura of demonic energy weakened.

“Die!” Zhao Feng immediately shot forward.


Divine Emissary Wu trembled and fled.

The interval that passed between Divine Emissary Wu’s uses of the Demon God Race bloodline was extremely short. The blood he had recovered previously was now all used up.

With both sides fighting with all their strength, Zhao Feng would not let Divine Emissary Wu go so easily.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng fired off a Primal Chaos Lightning Sword instead of using the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye.

It was difficult for the Primal Chaos Lightning Eye to lock on to a rapidly-moving enemy, making the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword more useful in these situations.

Boom! Swish!

Lightning flashed as the dark Primal Chaos Lightning Sword shot forward.

Divine Emissary Wu sensed the astonishing ripples of energy approaching him and immediately dodged, but in his heavily injured state, he could not dodge in time.

Thwish! Plush!

The Primal Chaos Lightning Sword pierced through his shoulder.

“Hiss, this brat…!” Divine Emissary Wu clenched his teeth in pain, his face twisting in hatred.

Only now did Divine Emissary Wu realize that his desire for revenge had caused him to make a wrong decision. Zhao Feng was the holder of the Ninth God Eye, and his God Eye was in the middle of evolving and awakening. Once Zhao Feng was able to use the complete power of the God Eye, he would be a God!

But this understanding came a little too late.

“Spacetime Distortion!” Zhao Feng activated his many Ancestral Artifact fragments and unleashed a twisted ball of silver light.

The moment this silver ball appeared, it threw the surrounding spacetime into disarray.


The silver ball blinked away, crossing a vast distance in a flash.

Divine Emissary Wu sensed this powerful Spacetime energy and immediately activated his Demon God Race bloodline. He turned into black-violet streak as his speed exploded, and he shot to the left.

At this moment:


The silver ball appeared and then exploded, shattering space and unleashing a spacetime storm.

Divine Emissary Wu had avoided the main attack, but he was caught up in the spacetime storm and began to slow down.

Zhao Feng used this chance to swiftly close the distance.


With a wave of his hand, he created several hundred simple Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords. They shot forward, fusing together into a net of lightning swords that swept toward Divine Emissary Wu.

“I can’t dodge it!” Divine Emissary Wu scowled. He couldn’t think of a way to escape.


Those Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords near Divine Emissary Wu all exploded.

Boom! Bang!

Divine Emissary Wu was sent flying by the explosion. His God-Devil Body shrunk, its surface riddled with wounds.

“Primal Chaos Lock!” Zhao Feng extended both hands and unleashed torrents of Primal Chaos energy that began to circle around Divine Emissary Wu.

“Die!” Zhao Feng coldly roared as he brought his hands together.

The Primal Chaos energy turned into a Primal Chaos black hole that firmly enclosed Divine Emissary Wu.

Primal Chaos energy had a devouring attribute, and this technique made this attribute even stronger. Imprisoned within the Primal Chaos Lock, Divine Emissary Wu felt the energy in his body rapidly fading, depriving him of the ability to fight back.

“Zhao Feng, you will definitely die at the hands of the Heaven Lord!” Divine Emissary Wu’s venomous voice emerged from the Primal Chaos Lock.

“I’m not sure about that, but there’s one thing I do know – you will die right here at my hands!” Zhao Feng’s face darkened as he increased the strength of his technique.

Boom! Bang!

The Primal Chaos energy suddenly constricted and then exploded, unleashing a chaotic storm of destructive energy.

With this, the strongest of the Divine Emissaries, Divine Emissary Wu, had been killed by Zhao Feng.

The other experts on the field naturally saw this sight. The remaining Divine Emissaries of the Heaven Defying Faction shivered and looked at Zhao Feng like he was a taboo.

The Left Protector coldly snorted, but he was being held down by God King Radiant Peak and could not worry about anything else.

The Left Protector was a master of the Shaman arts and curses. His various abilities could make anyone tremble in fear. However, the Life Sacred Land’s God King Radiant Peak was a master of the Life Laws and Medicine Dao. He was able to counter the majority of the Shaman arts and curses. And in terms of fighting power, the Left Protector was somewhat inferior to God King Radiant Peak.

Zhao Feng felt rather refreshed after killing Divine Emissary Wu, and he began to move around and brashly slaughter other enemies on the battlefield. At this moment:

At this moment:


A deafening explosion came from the distant sky.

The Life God’s eyes had erupted with dazzling green light that shone upon the Heaven Lord’s body. Even the Heaven Lord with his Ancient Race bloodline could feel his vitality being snatched away and devoured.

Boom! Bang!

The Heaven Lord had to fly several thousand feet away before he was finally able to stabilize his condition.

“Great! Even if the Heaven Lord has the Ancient Race bloodline, he’s still no match for the Life God!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

A God was a God for a reason. Even the Life God, who was no master of combat, was still an extremely powerful fighter.

But for some reason, Zhao Feng still felt uneasy.

“Haha, I suppose this is to be expected of one of the Eight Great God Eyes. With this little skill, I still can’t do anyA^ to you!” The pushed-back Heaven Lord suddenly began to laugh.

“If you have any other ability, then take it out now!” The Life God’s noble and beautiful face radiated pride.

“This Yu has some eye-bloodline techniques that he would like to seek some instruction on from the Life God Eye!” The Heaven Lord gave a wicked smile.

The Life God was taken aback. Asking a God Eye for advice on eye-bloodline techniques was undoubtedly some ludicrous joke, but the Life God felt inexplicably uneasy. The Heaven Lord had been giving her a strange feeling all this time, and when the Heaven Lord said these words, the Life God seemed to suddenly connect the dots.

“Eye-bloodline techniques?” Zhao Feng was also shocked.

He suddenly recalled that the Heaven Lord had an extremely profound and praiseworthy understanding of eye- bloodline techniques.

“Haha, let the Desolate Realm quake. Heavenly Dao God Eye!” The Heaven Lord savagely smiled.

His hands began to form spells, and several powerful bloodline energies surged up from his body. His eyes became pitch-black – the Eye of Death – and then they became the dazzling green of the Eye of Life, and then the Eye of Destiny…

As each eye-bloodline appeared, his energy soared. After each of the Eight Great God Eyes had appeared, the Heaven Lord’s eyes turned back to normal, but a crack opened at the center of the Heaven Lord’s brow, a dark divine light erupting from it that could frighten the entire universe.


That eye in the center of the Heaven Lord’s eyes arduously opened. At the same time, the images of eight eyes appeared behind Heaven Lord. These were clearly the eyes of the eight God Eye bloodlines.

When that eye in the center of the Heaven Lord’s forehead fully opened, that dark and vertical pupil erupted with a dark and turbid light. As that dark and turbid light swept over the world, it sundered and obliterated everything in its path!



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