Chapter 1539 – The Heavenly Dao God Eye (II)

The dark and turbid light soared into the sky, piercing the vault of heaven into the vast river of stars, vying in radiance with all that existed in the Fan Universe.

In a part of space far away from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods sat a man whose skin was covered in golden-red feather patterns and that radiated dazzling and scorching light that illuminated the vastness of the Fan Universe.

Suddenly, the man opened his fiery eyes and gazed at that astonishing beam of divine light in the distance.

“A God Eye energy that I have never sensed before….” The man immediately got to his feet.

“Could it be the Ninth God Eye?”

He had not interacted with the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods recently, so he knew nothing about Zhao Feng. This was the reason he had arrived at this conclusion.


The boundless light and heat around the man gradually began to retract into his body. The entire region began to darken.

“What has happened in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods?”

The man suddenly vanished.

At the same time, many God Kings within the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and even Gods were startled by this divine light.

Between the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and the outer dimensions was a region overrun by chaotic torrents of energy. If ordinary God Lords dared to carelessly wander inside, they would die nine times out of then.


Suddenly, a vast explosion erupted amid these chaotic torrents of energy as a bolt of dazzling white lightning collided with a stream of pitch-black Death energy. Two figures stood in the middle of the chaos.

One of these was a man wearing golden-white robes, an imposing figure brimming with majesty. The other was a stooped old man, his pitch-black robes fluttering around him. He gripped a giant pitch-black scythe in one hand that was circled by black flames of Death energy. There was no telling how many lives this scythe had reaped.

“Keke, Divine Punishment, I will definitely become the person to kill a God!” The black-robed elder sinisterly chuckled.

He waved the scythe, unleashing a massive crescent moon of black flame.

At the same time, the old man’s eyes trembled as they began to turn, affixing a terrifying Death energy onto the flames.

“Hmph, the power of Divine Punishment will definitely execute a sinner like you!” The Divine Punishment God’s expression was cold and dignified. His eyes spat out lightning that gathered into a golden-white ball of electricity.

Many of the great powers in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods understood that, among the Eight Great God Eyes, the Divine Punishment God Eye and Death God Eye had irreconcilable grudges with each other. These two had battled each other many times over many years.

But at this moment, the Divine Punishment God’s eyes flickered, and he turned to the distance. The black elder also stood up, a look of surprise flashing in his pitch-black eyes.

“A God Eye energy like none before….” The black elder turned solemn. The response from his Death God Eye told him that this God Eye’s energy was extremely abnormal.

“It’s not the Ninth God Eye!” The Divine Punishment God was stunned. A God Eye energy other than the Ninth God Eye had appeared.

“We’re stopping here.” The Divine Punishment God glanced at the black elder before shifting away.

At the same time, in the secret base of the Sage Faction, all the sages sensed something during their divinations and simultaneously vomited blood. That God Eye energy that had just emerged was not something they could casually make divinations on.

Within the central six-sided black tower, Yu Tianwu was submerged in divination. A few moments later, he turned ghastly pale and a trickle of blood seeped from his lips. “Could his plan be the supreme Ancestral Eye?!”

Back in the Life Sacred Land, the moment that eye on the center of the Heaven Lord’s forehead opened, the entire world seemed to shudder in fear. On the vast battlefield, everyone felt an invincible power that could not be disregarded. The Heaven Lord’s energy was soaring to the absolute limit, and he became a god of this world, all living things groveling at his feet.

“How could this be? A God Eye?” The Life God was stunned.

This world only had the Eight Great God Eyes. The Ninth God Eye was previously only a myth until Zhao Feng had appeared and turned myth into reality, but now another God Eye suddenly appeared?

Even the Life God felt her Life God Eye tremble when she stared at that vertical eye at the center of the Heaven Lord’s forehead.

The Heaven Lord’s vertical eye actually had eight pupils, all of them radiating bizarre and frightening energy.

“God Eye?” Zhao Feng was also flabbergasted. The legends spoke of only nine God Eyes. If the Heaven Lord’s eye was a God Eye, what did his own eye count as?

Zhao Feng’s Dream God Eye suddenly began to pulse, and the Dream Origin within his God Eye Dimension began to tremble in agitation.

“What’s going on? Is that a God Eye?”

“That’s impossible…!”

Everyone on the battlefield had one question on their minds.

Meanwhile, the Left Protector was all smiles, and he looked piously at the Heaven Lord. “His Excellency the Heaven Lord’s plan will definitely succeed!”

“Life God, it seems like you’re very doubtful about my Heavenly Dao God Eye. Why don’t you try it for yourself?” The Heaven Lord pleasantly smiled.

In truth, he had only recently completed the Heavenly Dao God Eye, and the Heaven Lord was still in the middle of exploring its powers.

“Life… Deprivation!” The Life God’s eyes began to turn, and as they flashed with green light, Life energy began to pulse. Thwish!

This invisible energy flew forward and engulfed the Heaven Lord.

“Heavenly Dao energy!” The Heaven Lord appeared extremely excited as his eye erupted with light.


The Heavenly Dao Eye at the center of his forehead began to turn, the eight pupils also beginning to revolve. A turbid and gray light spiraled out and melted into the surrounding space.

“Reversal!” the Heaven Lord bellowed as he released his bizarre God energy.

A moment later:


The power of Life Deprivation that the Life God had released suddenly turned around and engulfed the Life God. “Ah…!” The Life God was alarmed, clearly not expecting this development.


The Life God’s skin dimmed as she aged a few years.

The Life God immediately had her Life God Eye unleash powerful Life energy to nourish her own body. Gradually, she regained her normal appearance, but she found the shock in her heart much more difficult to pacify.

Why had the God Eye energy she released turned around to attack her? Even with her experience as the Life God, she found this difficult to explain.

Her own attack didn’t seem to have changed direction. What changed was space, the world itself….

Down below, Zhao Feng also witnessed this sight.

“To suddenly change without warning, it’s rather similar to the Dream God Eye’s power, but there seems to be some intrinsic difference.” Zhao Feng began to think.

The members of the Life Sacred Land also witnessed this sight, and their minds trembled. Even if the Heaven Lord had a God Eye, how could he immediately gain the upper hand and cause the Life God to suffer a loss?

“Heh, try my attack!” The Heaven Lord loudly laughed.

The Life God’s expression dimmed. She still could not understand what ability the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao Eye possessed, so she was forced to be cautious.


The Heaven Lord activated his God-Devil Body and fired a golden-silver torrent of light from his fist.

“Just a punch?” The Life God remained grim. She felt that things were not as simple as they seemed.

The Heaven Lord extended a hand, and the Heavenly Dao God Eye on his forehead began to turn.

“Fire!” the Heaven Lord bellowed.

The golden-silver streak of light began to blaze with fiery light.


The fireball began to crackle with lightning.


The lightning-fire ball suddenly became extremely heavy, slightly distorting the space around it.

“How could this be?” The Life God was shocked.

The attack unleashed by the Heaven Lord was constantly evolving, growing more powerful with each evolution.

As the Life God was still reeling from shock, that lightning-fire ball was suddenly in front of her.

Impossible to dodge!

Boom! Bang!

The world fell apart as a destructive storm of energy swept out. Space shattered, and the world seemed to be plunged into the end of days.

The battle down below seemed to stop as everyone stared at the battle in the sky, their bodies shivering.

What a powerful energy! Zhao Feng was also stunned.

The Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye truly did seem to control the world, casually changing the laws and principles of the world as it pleased.


As the storm dispersed, it revealed a scene of devastation around the Life God. However, her divine body, bolstered by boundless Life energy, was rapidly recovering.

“Retreat!” the Life God immediately ordered.

All the Sacred Land members on the battlefield felt their minds tremble in disbelief. The Life God had conceded her loss!

Even if the Heaven Lord had a God Eye, how could he be so powerful that the Life God would conceded and not dare to fight?

However, all of them could see for themselves the state of the battle.

“Retreat!” God King Radiant Peak repeated the order.

The battlefield became a hive of activity as all the Sacred Land members retreated into the Life Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng was no exception, and he was perhaps even the fastest to retreat. The Heaven Lord was simply too powerful. Even the Life God was no match for him. If the Heaven Lord wanted to capture Zhao Feng, not even the Dream God Eye would be able to save him.

“Haha, Life God, you can consider again whether you want to submit to me!” The Heaven Lord heartily laughed, and the entire world seemed to shudder.

“Submit? Just what is your goal? Where did that eye come from?” The Life God’s complexion was dark and cold.

“I presume you have heard the legends of the supreme Ancestral Eye, no?” The Heaven Lord smiled as he asked.

The legends said that, if one gathered together all of the Eight Great God Eyes, one could summon a supreme Ancestral Eye, omnipotent and able to mold the world according to its will!

The Life God nodded, her face turning even more grim. She was gaining more and more information and producing countless theories, but she still could not be sure.

“But as a God Eye, perhaps you don’t know that the supreme Ancestral Eye is called the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye,” the Heaven Lord spoke once more, and then the God Eye on his forehead trembled, radiating a divine energy that ruled over this world.

“What?” The Life God froze to the spot as if she had been struck by a lightning bolt.

She wasn’t shocked over the name of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye, but over the fact that the Heavenly Dao God Eye was probably connected to the Ancestral Eye.

“Your mission is over. Hand over the Life God Eye!” The Heaven Lord’s expression suddenly turned harsh and cold, brimming with intense desire.

His plan was to create the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye and possess the greatest power of this universe. However, he did not have a God Eye, nor was he a match for a God Eye, so he could not seize their God Eyes, much less gather together the power of all Eight Great God Eyes.

Thus, the Heaven Lord started with God Eye descendants. After billions of years of research and countless experiences, he had finally fused together eight Quasi God Eyes.

When eight Quasi God Eyes were brought together, they could create a weak energy close to that of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye, but this fusion was extremely unstable and could fall apart at any moment

The Heaven Lord had expected that he would need one hundred thousand years or even longer to resolve this problem, but then, the Left Protector had brought back Zhao Feng’s blood.

Zhao Feng was the Ninth God Eye, so his blood, divine body, and soul had all been nourished and altered by the Dream God Eye. It was precisely his blood that allowed the perfect fusion of the eight Quasi God Eyes, fusing them into an eye that contained a small measure of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye’s power.

This was a great surprise to the Heaven Lord.

“Don’t even think about it!” the Life God angrily retorted, her beautiful face shining with resolve. She was clearly prepared to destroy herself if it came to it.

Now that she knew the true background of the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye, she would never hand over the Life God Eye.




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