Chapter 1832 – Just Like the Past

Wang Shi vomited blood once more, not from blood, but rather completely from anger!

When he saw who this person was, his expression fluctuated from green to white, coughing out blood from his mouth. Raging flames surged within his chest, rushing straight to his head, leaving him so angry his entire body was shaking.

Who was this? That figure and appearance was all too familiar!

Even though he never saw his true self, Wang Shi had seen his portrait before. As a member of Wang Family, how could he have not heard about Huang?

“It’s you… it’s actually you?!” Wang Shi screamed out, his skin feeling like it was burning. He felt humiliation, but also anger, unable to help but roar out.

He felt like it was just too humiliating this time. Previously, he even called this person senior to ease the tension, no wonder this person had such a strange smile on his face back then.

Now, everything made sense. It was because he was Huang, laughing at Wang Shi. This was why when he heard the word senior, his smile became strange, moreover immediately agreeing to his request.

Wang Shi flew into a rage out of humiliation, never feeling as ashamed as today. He was the glorious Wang Shi, someone who dominated the world, not defeated in the last thirty years, invincible, unstoppable under the supreme being level!

He was called a True Dragon among Wang Family’s dragons, someone destined to achieve immortality, his aptitude known to be unmatched and incomparable.

Many people felt that he was most likely unmatched under the heavens in his generation!

This was especially the case with the clans Wang Family was close to, all of them calling him ‘Unmatched Wang’, or perhaps calling him Wang Family’s Little Immortal King, yet in the end… today’s events were too humiliating.

Wang Shi actually bowed down to the family’s enemy. When he received the opportunity to fight at the same level, he even received that senior’s lesson, ultimately suffering a great defeat in the Self Release Realm.

This was already said and done, but the one who did all of this… was actually Huang!

Ah ah ah…” Wang Shi screamed out again, moreover spraying blood out of his mouth. This feeling of humiliation made him feel as if his chest was struck by thunder, impossible to bear.

This was clearly someone of the same generation, their cultivation period similar, yet he was subdued by this person, beaten down by a precious pestle, shattering his sword core!

Wang Shi was defeated in the same generation, this person moreover being Wang Family’s mortal enemy, to top it all off, he even called this person a senior, wishing for a fight at the same level.

He had never experienced such a setback before. He felt like he was swindled by another, and then he even helped the swindler count the money.

How could Wang Shi not wish to vomit?

“Brother Ten, calm down. The reason you lost is because he has long obtained a supreme being body. Even with his cultivation suppressed, it isn’t something a Self Release Realm cultivator can compare with. It isn’t that you aren’t a match, but rather because of the situation. This isn’t fair, there is definitely no one in the Self Release Realm who can match him!” Wang Family’s eighth dragon advised.

In reality, he was even more shocked than Wang Shi, even more horrified. How could it be this youngster? He really found this hard to understand, immediately afterwards wishing he could immediately slap this person to death, strike him down!

This was Huang! Just how many years did he cultivate? Moreover, wasn’t he crippled by a ruined immortal? Back then, he really did stir up quite the chaos, these were things everyone in the world was aware of.

Everyone thought that he had already been crippled, now an ordinary elder in his later years, never having the chance to return and stir up chaos in the Nine Heavens again.

However, this Huang gave all of them a ‘pleasant surprise’. It was just like how he was back then, always going against adversity, creating miracles!

He established another miracle, but this time, the miracle really was impossible to bear. At the very least, Wang Family’s people were going crazy.


When Wang Shi heard his brother’s words, not only did he not calm down, he instead felt even more humiliated. Their cultivation period  was similar, also of the same generation, and he was even known to be someone with outstanding aptitude, but in the end, it was still Wang Family’s enemy who achieved the dao a step before him!

In all these years, he had been surrounded in divine halos, admired by people of this world. Meanwhile, Huang had always been seen as a cripple, exiled to the barren lands of the lower realm, unable to cultivate the dao anymore.

Yet in the end, reality struck him in the face just like that!

That cripple directly rushed into the heavens, a fish leaping through the nine heavens. In just a few decades, he achieved the dao, shattering the legends, exceeding all history, golden radiance brilliant, high up above!

Meanwhile, Wang Shi was just that laughable. A heaven warping genius, exceptional and unmatched, ended up being the stepping stone of another.

How could he be willing to accept this?

Ah ah ah…” The Lunar Jade Rabbit was shouting, jumping high into the air, pulling at the ‘rabbit dog’ ears, extremely excited, rushing towards Shi Hao.

The little dog was furious to the point of baring its fangs. Its ears were pulled to the point of almost being torn off, and then he was even directly thrown to the ground by that little girl.

The Lunar Jade Rabbit rushed out, screaming, “You scoundrel, you were perfectly fine, yet you made all of us worry!”

“Shi Hao!” The Heavenly Horned Ant also flew over, his head of golden hair dancing about, becoming incredibly excited. He immediately rushed over, blood boiling, full of excitement.

The corners of Chang Gongyan’s eyes were also slightly moist, his past life and death brother was fine, this was better than any news. He left afterimages behind him, quickly rushing over.

Haha…” Tuogu Yulong roared with laughter, feeling incredibly carefree. He really never thought that there would still be today, able to meet the incomparably powerful Huang!

Aiya, a miracle!” Wei Family’s remaining two phoenixes were both screaming, truly unable to believe it. In the past, when they faced enemies together in Desolate Border, that glorious and heroic Little Stone actually returned alive.

“How could it be him?!” Many people were shocked, dumbstruck. No matter what, they never expected to see this scene!

Huang defied the heavens, returning, turning from the rumored crippled body to a dao achieved supreme being, overlooking the Nine Heavens, once again dominating the world!

This made many people tremble. Wind Clan, Jin Clan, Wang Family, and the others who were still alive here all felt their fine hairs stand on end, truly horrified.

Heavens! Many people were screaming internally. This youngster was just too fiendish, how could he still be alive, moreover becoming a supreme being? This was too terrifying!

“I just knew that he never took the normal path, there would always be unexpected things. Sure enough, he has appeared again!” Sky Severing Sect witch’s words voiced many people’s thoughts.

In that instant, this place erupted, everyone screaming, roaring, mumbling, this place becoming noisy, hubbub with voices.

Shi Hao’s appearance was outside everyone’s expectations, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t shocked.

Tears hung from the corners of Qing Yi’s eyes. She saw that person, just like before, everything still before her eyes, that figure still there.

After being separated for thirty years, time vanishing like smoke, it all flashed by in an instant.

When they separated back then, the two didn’t meet again. When their souls merged, the lower realm’s gates had already closed, they couldn’t even head down through the Void God Realm.

Qing Yi smiled, carrying tears. Her dao heart hadn’t been shaken for many years, but now, she felt warmth again, emotions rising and falling.

She was already no longer Qing Yi, the past cheers and laughter, the past bitterness and sourness, the various experiences should have long disappeared, unrelated to her.

She was already Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy, saw her true self, severing away all of her past mortal relations, only seeking the immortal dao.

However, why was her spirit shaken now, feeling a sense of fulfillment, trembling slightly? There was a wave of gentle feeling that made her want to walk over. Before she could control herself, her feet were already moving.

Correct, that was Qing Yi. She sighed. When the two souls merged, she found her true self, ought to sever her mortal ties, the past just left as the past. However, when this person appeared before her eyes, she was still moved.

In a corner of her heart, that place was extremely soft, still carrying thoughts, still carrying emotions, still a voice calling; he returned, he finally returned, his style just like the past!


In the void, Jin Zhan’s head was now no longer restricted. He could now scream out, and thus, he roared.

He knew before everyone else who this person was, but he was restricted all this time, unable to speak, unable to even release his divine will.

Now, there was a chance, so he roared out, venting his inner fretfulness, fear, uneasiness, as well as his endless confusion.

Huang, how are you still alive? Moreover, how did you become a supreme being?! This was what Jin Zhan wanted to roar out the most. Previously, he even ridiculed the other party for not being able to appear again in this generation, saying that he was going to fade from the ranks, declining in the lower realms.

However, reality was instead just this cruel, leaving him with an incredibly ironic situation. It was still Huang, his unmatched manner was still there, just like before, able to suppress him with just a raise of his hand.

In his entire life, the two most important battles were lost to the same person — Huang. His fate changed because of the Little Stone. This was his greatest misfortune!

“Shi Hao!”

A group of people rushed over, all of them laughing and smiling, some of them carrying moisture in their eyes, tears. It was just too much of a surprise, they were too moved. Their old friend was still alive, moreover achieved the dao!

“During these thirty years, the lower realms were sealed. We couldn’t see you even if we wanted to!” Someone said.

During these years, they couldn’t head down the Void God Realm path, it was sealed up. They completely lost connection with Shi Hao. The past separation, after Void God Realm’s great barbecue meeting, seemed to almost be an eternal one.

In their final memory, Huang was still carefree. Even though he was crippled, he was still smiling.

Now, they were also smiling, no longer feeling worry, instead laughing from deep within.


Right at this time, a daoist priest laughed in a vulgar manner, rushing forward. His body underwent a change, becoming a little fatty. It was precisely Cao Yusheng, he also revealed himself, showing his true self.

“Fatty Cao!” A few people were shocked, and then they laughed, pinching his round chubby face together.

Suddenly, everyone realized what was going on. The one Fatty Cao followed a few days ago with a little dog was precisely Huang, it was him who beat Wang Da miserably, moreover captured him.

Immediately afterwards, more people shouted. These were people who were close to Wang Family and Jin Family, they couldn’t help but feel fear. It was because along the way, they heard that there was disorder in Jin Family, this… was also done by Huang?!

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