Chapter 1748: People from the North Sky

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‘I was only at level five of the Divinity Origin Stage… Within less than one year, I reached the second level of the Saint Origin Stage! I feel like I have been flying… No talented cultivators could have such an improvement within less than fifty years…’

‘I am already this good… Why is the Lord Monarch…’

‘Isn’t he asking for too much?’

“I mean…” Ye Xiao waved his hand. “Fine. Forget it. You won’t understand. Just remember this. Your improvement means nothing in the Monarch’s Hall! You will be the last among us! Do you know how weak you are? I can’t believe you are gloating about it…

“I am being honest with you. You keep improving this slowly, and you will lose the position as the head of the Tiger Unit! When you are back to the headquarters, ask around!”

Ye Xiao was so angry. He pointed at Lei Dongtian’s forehead and kept nagging at him. “In six months, if you can’t reach the ninth level of the Saint Origin Stage, you will definitely lose the position! You will be ruined! Do you understand? F*ck off now!”

Lei Dongtian ran away.

As he heard Ye Xiao’s talk and felt Ye Xiao’s fathomless power, Lei Dongtian was terrified. He still remembered when he joined the Monarch’s Hall, the Lord Monarch was only at level five of the Fairy Origin Stage…

Within one year, while he was so happy about reaching the Saint Origin Stage, the Lord Monarch had already become fathomlessly powerful…

He didn’t feel happy at all. Depression hit him in the heart… He was calmed.

‘If the Lord Monarch is telling the truth… No! He must be telling the truth…’

Lei Dongtian imagined that he was kicked off the stage when he was fighting for the position in the contest next time…

‘What reason do I have to keep myself alive?’

‘I will be so ashamed! I can’t be pathetic like that!’

Lei Dongtian felt it. He was wasting life if he didn’t work harder. He realized that he was too slow… He was so ashamed for gloating about his minor steps in cultivation…

‘I shouldn’t do that!’

What should he do then?

‘I should spend every second I have to cultivate! I should cultivate with all my heart and soul!’

He was suddenly thrilled up and started to cultivate really hard.

Feng’er, his wife, wasn’t happy about that…

A cultivator should focus on cultivation. That was reasonable… The problem was… Lei Dongtian was totally crazy about it. When he was sleeping with Feng’er on the bed, he actually started to sit in meditation!

What did that mean?

He neglected his wife!

Feng’er was so angry, and she decided to sleep alone. ‘You neglect me, and I kick you out!’

Lei Dongtian had spent quite some time to please Feng’er but failed. In the end, he told Feng’er the reason, so Feng’er forgave him. However, Feng’er still wasn’t happy about it.

Meng Youjiang and his wife always did dual-cultivation. Lady Meng wasn’t weaker than Chief Meng. In fact, Chief Meng’s wife helped him sit tight on the seat of the leader of all departments. Lady Meng noticed that her husband had been cultivating so hard, so she decided to follow him… The two of them both became crazy about it… These two were abnormal…

A man in a purple robe stood on the Foggy Miasma Mountain with both hands behind his back. He was staring at the deep pit on a field with broken rocks.

Beside him, there were eight other men who were wearing the same clothes. They all looked at the same thing.

After that, the man in the purple robe waved a hand. The Foggy Miasma Mountain was covered by a storm again.

All the rocks were blown away by the wind storm. The dead bodies, armors, broken weapons were all gathered in a pile on the floor.

“It seems the Destined Toad exploded itself… Our men… Eight thousand and nine hundred men died with Jiang Zhinan!”

The man in the purple robe was expressionless. “It doesn’t make sense. Jiang Zhinan was a clever man. How did the toad get the chance to explode itself? Even though the Destined Toad exploded itself, the blast shouldn’t cause such great havoc. The special formation might not defeat the explosion blast, but it should at least keep some of the men alive.

“Besides… I don’t see the inner core of the Destined Toad. The toad was at the Undead Stage. It wouldn’t destroy its inner core, because that was the last hope for the toad to return from death. Our men were all powerful cultivators. Everybody had their own space items… Look at this. This is too clean!

“I don’t see even a cracked piece of space items.

“There is no space item. Somebody must have cleaned the battlefield!

“Find the man and we find the clue!

“The problem is… Whoever cleaned this place must be powerful too. The toad and Jiang Zhinan were both at Undead Stage. How could the man interfere in this fight if he isn’t a powerful cultivator?”

The man in a purple robe stood up and spoke a lot.

“That’s right. Boss. That makes sense.” One of the others said.

Somebody on the side kept sniffing.

After a while, the man who sniffed jumped to where Ye Xiao and the Poison King hid. As the man waved his sleeve, the soil on the ground was turned over.

He had turned over a one thousand feet deep piece of soil upside down.

The soil under the ground was clean while the central area was in a mess.

Apparently, somebody destroyed it to cover the trace.

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