Chapter 1749: Coping Leisurely

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“When they were fighting, somebody hid in this place and watched the fight!” The man sniffed carefully and angrily said, “I can’t smell anything! It must be a man or some men!”

“Why are you sure there is no woman?” Another man asked.

“If there was a woman staying here, there should be the scent of women left behind. I don’t smell it or feel it. It must be just men!”

The man in purple robe coldly said, “Six, you are still a virgin after all these years. You don’t understand. It is something really difficult to understand. Do me a favor when I am working. Shut your virgin mouth! That is the best you can do to help!”

The man who asked blushed and said, “You!”


The leader in purple robe shouted and said, “Old Two, Old Eight, Old Six, you three go to the left. Old Three, Old Five, and Old Nine, you go to the right. Old Four and Old Seven follow me to the front!

“They mustn’t have gone long.

“If the man chose to stay hiding when Jiang Zhinan fought the Destined Toad, he must be weaker than Jiang Zhinan. We are more powerful than Jiang Zhinan, which means we are powerful enough to catch up with the man!

“Seize the time. Do it now! If anybody dares to stand in the way, kill without hesitation!

“We must find the source. We must get the inner core of the Destined Toad. You all know how horrible the king’s anger is!”

“Yes, Big Brother!”

The nine of them disappeared, flying away in three different directions.

Three of these men in purple robe were killing their way ahead. Wherever they went, people died. Whoever didn’t do as they said would be killed immediately. They searched every man they killed for their items in the space items…

As they moved so fast on the road, they reached the Dragon Unit’s place as expected.

The three of them didn’t waste time in talking, just started to fight as soon as they arrived.

Long Tiansheng had improved a great deal, but he was only level-three of the Saint Origin Stage. How was he going to fight these three super-powerful cultivators? He was captured pretty soon. He remembered what Ye Xiao told him, so he surrendered.

However, the three men in purple robe wouldn’t show them mercy just because the leader surrendered. Within a short time, over three hundred men of the Dragon Unit died!

Long Tiansheng was angry and sad, but there was nothing he could do but to ask his men to cooperate.

He had no choice. If they didn’t cooperate, the thousands of them would all be killed.

“Have you seen anybody getting over this place?”

“Yes. I saw two of them. They moved incredibly fast, so I didn’t see their faces… When we noticed it, they were already gone…”


“Give me all your space items now!”

“Here you are… These are all we have…”

“Garbage! Oh? You are people of the Monarch’s Hall, aren’t you? The Monarch’s Hall and the Hall of Life and Death?”

“Yes, we are…”

“You are people of the Monarch’s Hall. Why are you staying here? Are you in the City of Chaos?” It seemed this man knew something about the Monarch’s Hall.

“The Great Ye Army has taken over the City of Chaos… They don’t allow us to develop in the city… We have to try to develop somewhere else in the Limitless Ocean…”

“You? That’s right. You are weak, and this place seems easier to control! You have a clear recognition of yourself! Off you go then!”

They threw Long Tiansheng away and got back on the road.

Long Tiansheng kept his head low, bearing the humiliation in his heart. When the three powerful men left, he raged up in fury.

“You should kill me right here right now! One day, if I have the chance, I will make sure the three of you all die in my hands! I will torture you with the most brutal techniques, so as to console my brothers who died in your hands!”

“Keep going!”

“We have traveled over ten thousand miles… There is nothing useful.”

“Well, there is something… I found the scent of women…”

“Did you smell it earlier?”

“I… I didn’t notice. If only Old Three is with us… He will recognize it.”

“Are you serious? The smell of some women, so what? This isn’t about women. We are looking for men! Old Three must be right!”


“In other words, it must be a coincidence that you smell the scent of women. Maybe we are in the wrong direction!”

“Well… We can’t be sure…”

“Stop this now. I feel the aura of somebody powerful… It seems… Is it an Immortality Stage cultivator? We should go and check it out.”

The three of them flew like shooting stars. After a while, they had reached the Tiger Unit’s place. However, the area was empty… Nobody was guarding it…

The three of them scanned around with their strong spiritual minds, and they found only two people in this place, a man and a woman…

The young man and the young lady were both wearing white clothes. They were sitting together and watching something…

“Come over!”

One of the men in purple robe reached out one hand, and the invincible power flow dragged the two people over.


An exclamation.

The two people were shaking, like two little birds being dragged out of the nest in cold winter.

“What are you watching?”

The man in purple robe said in a deep voice as they saw the young man and young girl.

These two couldn’t be the people who killed Jiang Zhinan…

They were too weak!

They were only at the Divinity Origin Stage!

They must be good cultivators because they actually had reached the Divinity Origin Stage at such young ages. However, they meant nothing to the top-level cultivators!

Even if Jiang Zhinan stood there and let these two youngsters beat him with divine weapons, Jiang Zhinan wouldn’t get hurt even a bit!

In fact, the young man was Ye Xiao and the young lady was Xuan Bing.

The man in purple robe saw Ye Xiao and thought, what a pretty boy. However, as he looked at Xuan Bing, he breathed a deep sigh.

He was nearly scared to death when he saw the lady’s face!

‘It is such a waste of a perfect body…’

‘This girl has the ugliest face in the world…’

‘How does a woman like this find a man to marry? Poor woman…’

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