Chapter 1729: A Piece of Scrap Metal

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“Zhufeng! Now that Wugui Kojiro is gone, give me a little bit of background information!” Ling Qingfeng asked. “You said that the items, once auctioned, would prove your innocence! Now that the item has been sold, how are you going to prove it?”

“Stupid!” Chen Xiaobei said. “The people of Apocalypse Starfield may not recognize these two instruments, but don’t you?”

“I… I do…” Ling Qingfeng nodded. “Ximen family’s Azure Frost Sword, and Yuwen family’s Ifrit’s Fan! Of course, I recognize them!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded. “The Ximen family controls Royal Dome’s number one faction! Yuwen family controls Saint Duke’s number one faction! Surely, you know about these two families’ relationship?”

“I do…” Ling Qingfeng nodded. “The Yuwens and the Ximens share a very good relationship! Ximen Shuoxue and Yuwen Yuanqing are sworn brothers!”

“Since you know all that, what else do you not understand?” Chen Xiaobei asked. “Tenshou and Royal Dome are allies! Ximen and Yuwen are old friends! If I really am Tenshou’s mole, why would I sell Ximen’s and Yuwen’s treasure?”

“I… I understand now!” Ling Qingfeng exclaimed. “You’re selling those two Earth-God Instruments because you’re afraid that that Ximen and Yuwen will cause trouble! These two families are Royal Dome people! With the war drawing near, a Tenshou mole wouldn’t do something so stupid as to piss off an ally!” Ling Qingfeng finally figured it out. “That’s why you couldn’t possibly be Tenshou’s man! I’ve misunderstood you again!”

“Mm, your intelligence finally caught up with you!” Chen Xiaobei nodded, smiling.

Ling Qingfeng blushed. “Then what is your relationship with Wugui Kojiro?”

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. “Our relationship is very special. It’s difficult to explain…”

Ling Qingfeng’s expression crumpled in worry. “Even if it’s difficult to explain, you still have to explain it! If Saint Duke finds out about your relationship with Wugui Kojiro, the holy emperor Luo Qiongcang will not let you get away with it!”

“With the war drawing near, Luo Qiongcang is extra cautious. Do you think that he’ll believe me just because I explain it to him?” Chen Xiaobei said. “Facts speak louder than words! I might not explain it now but when everything unfolds in the end, everyone will surely understand my intention!”

Ling Qingfeng frowned. “But if you don’t explain yourself, you’ll be trapped in the middle. Tenshou and Saint Duke will go after you! That’s double the danger!”

“This may not be so. Luo Qiongcang will not touch me because the betrothal contest is still ongoing!” Chen Xiaobei answered. “If Tenshou decides to make a move on me, I will make a move first!”

“Make a move first? What are you going to do to the Tenshou?” Ling Qingfeng asked.

“A magician never reveals his secrets!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. “This time, I will be setting up a major slaughter event that will shake the Nine Zones. Just wait and see. It’s going to be one hell of a show!”

“What…” Ling Qingfeng found herself too stunned to reply.

“Childe Zhufeng! I’m back!” Wugui Kojiro was running, stretching his hand out to present the storage bracelet to Chen Xiaobei.

“The selling price is 500 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones!” Wugui Kojiro clarified. “The agreed commission is 10% of the selling price, which is 50 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones! So, there’s a total of 450 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones inside the storage bracelet!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded contentedly. “I understand. Other auction houses take 20% commission. Thanks to you, we got a nice discount.”

“You’re too kind, Childe Zhufeng!” Wugui Kojiro thought for a while and then asked, “Are we leaving now or are we going to stay for the last auction item?”

“It’s ending soon. We might as well stay until the end!” Chen Xiaobei said, “I want to find out what is it that surpasses both of my Earth-God Instruments!”

“I’m curious too!” Wugui Kojiro smiled as he settled back into his seat.

After a few minutes, the auctioneer returned to the stage with an attendant following behind her holding a platter covered by the same red fabric.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Next, please allow me to present today’s final item for auction –” The auctioneer paused as she grabbed the corner of the fabric.

Every head in the room turned to the stage as she pulled the red cloth.

As the fabric fell away to the floor, the curiosity and anticipation in the audience’s eyes fell away and were replaced by disappointment.

The platter held a nondescript piece of metal.

Its surface was rough and covered in chalky rust. On top of that, the metal was incomplete; the cracks on its side were very pronounced.

One look was enough to tell that it was a piece of junk. There was nothing special about it all.

That was the main reason for the audience’s disappointment.

Wugui Kojiro looked confused and worried. “What the hell is Crimson Moon doing? They’re ending the auction with a piece of scrap metal? Are they trying to sabotage their reputation?”

But the expression on Ling Qingfeng and Chen Xiaobei’s was different from everyone else’s.

“That… That’s a…”

Ling Qingfeng’s lips quivered, dazed as if she had discovered a major secret.

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were as round as barrels. “What is that thing? My Eight-Diagram Qi Observational Skill is showing a rainbow Qi!”

It was the very first time that this had occurred.

Last time, when Chen Xiaobei used the Eight-Diagram Qi Observational Skill, the oldest, most valuable item would emit purple-gold aura.

Now, the piece of ‘scrap metal’ was giving off a rainbow-colored Qi, which included the purple-gold Qi!

Chen Xiaobei reckoned that, to date, this piece of junk surpassed every item in actual value and antiquity that he had examined using the Eight-Diagram Qi Observational Skill!

Even if it was not a Celestial-Item grade, it was at least a Spirit-Immortal-grade Divine Item!

“I know! Everyone must be wondering why I would end the auction with a piece of scrap metal!” The auctioneer remarked. “Many of you will find this unbelievable but this piece of metal is actually a fragment from a Spirit-Immortal Instrument! It is said that this piece of Spirit-Immortal Instrument belonged to an actual dragon, and holds the secret of the Ancient Dragon Tribe!”

The audience was outraged.

“That piece of junk does not have any Spiritual Attribute at all! How could it be a fragment of a Spirit-Immortal Instrument? Do we look stupid to you?”

“You say that it has the Ancient Dragon Tribe’s secrets? What are they? Tell us! Anyone can make up stories!”

“Let’s get out here! Only an idiot will but this piece of junk!”

The hall was turbulent with angry comments. Already, some of the audience had left their seats, ready to storm out.

It was then when Ling Qingfeng stood up suddenly and called out, “What is the starting bid for this item? I want to buy it!”