Chapter 1730: Mysterious Opponent

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“Oh? So, there is a VIP here with extensive knowledge about the item!”

“The shattered pieces of this Divine Item is 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones!” said the auctioneer.

“What?! 100 million?!” exclaimed Ling Qingfeng.

To the rich folks from Apocalypse Starfield, 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones for an item was naturally acceptable to them. However, to the people that were not from this starfield, 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones was an astronomical amount of money! Let alone Ling Qingfeng, not even the royal family from Divine Dragon Starfield could come up with such a huge amount.

“What now? Do you think that it is too expensive? To be honest, this is a fair price! Just like everyone said, this shattered piece of Divine Item has lost its Spiritual Attribute! On top of that, it’s almost impossible to decipher its secret! If that wasn’t the case, it can at least sell for one billion to ten billion medium-grade Spiritual Stones!” said the auctioneer.


Rendered speechless, Ling Qingfeng knew better than anyone that 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones for the item was extremely cheap. Right now, her only problem was her lack of Spiritual Stones. There was nothing she could do about it even if she could decipher its secret.

“I bid 110 million Spiritual Stones!” said Chen Xiaobei in a calmed manner.

Considering that Chen Xiaobei had just earned 450 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones, he would definitely not let go of this item.

“So, there is someone wealthy enough to bid for this item! Are there other VIPs that would like to bid for it? If there are none…”

“I bid 150 million Spiritual Stones!”

Suddenly, a man with a mask voiced out. Clearly, this person was trying to outbid Chen Xiaobei.

“I’m sorry. Those that are sitting on the first floor would need to provide proof that you possess more than 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones if the bid crosses 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones!” said the auctioneer.

“What now? Are you worried that I’m trying to make a false bid? You can come and verify it yourself!”

The masked man harrumphed and tossed his storage bracelet at the auctioneer.

“No offense. This is the rule of this auction center!”

With a smile on her face, the auctioneer started to check the storage bracelet. After all, the VIPs that were seated on the second floor were all the truly rich folks. As for those that sat on the first floor, most of them were just ordinary people. It was almost impossible for them to come up with 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones. To make sure that people would not sabotage the bidding process, the rule of verifying one’s Spiritual Stones was implemented.

“Oh my god…”

Suddenly, the auctioneer shouted and went over to return the storage bracelet to the man personally.

“This VIP is really low key! With the wealth that you possess, you could have been seated on the second floor!”

“That is not important to me at all! All I care about is the item that I want to bid for!”

“Then, you can easily bid for whatever you want here…”

Upon hearing the auctioneer’s comment, thousands of people were left in shock. One should know that this auctioneer was the golden auctioneer of this auction center, and she had seen hundreds of millions of Spiritual Stones almost daily. This time, she was shocked by what she saw in the storage bracelet. The crowd could only imagine that the wealth the man possessed must be astronomical.

“Shit… That man’s wealth is definitely more than Zhufeng… Things can get real bad if Zhufeng fails to get this item…” mumbled Ling Qingfeng in a nervous manner.

“What does that shattered piece have to do with the Divine Dragon race? What kind of secret is buried inside it?” asked Chen Xiaobei.

“Yes… Yes… Earlier, I told you that a serious matter has happened to my race! All the elites were fathered there to solve the problem! And these shattered pieces are the key to solving this problem…”

“This is going to be very complicated… I will try my best to bid the item for you… but, if the man in mask refuses to take a step back, there is nothing I can do about it…”

“Okay… You can do it! We have to get this item! No matter what, the Divine Dragon race will return the Spiritual Stones that you spent to get this item!”

“We are brothers. You don’t have to say these things! I bid 200 million Spiritual Stones!”

Chen Xiaobei was hoping that he could scare off the man in the mask.

“I bid 250 million Spiritual Stones!”

Seemingly, the man in the mask was adamant in acquiring this item as well.

“I bid 280 million Spiritual Stones!”

“I bid 330 million Spiritual Stones!”

Others would have thought that one of them was trying to sabotage the other if the auctioneer had not verified the wealth that the masked man had.

“400 million Spiritual Stones!” shouted Chen Xiaobei.

Everyone was shocked by the bidding price that Chen Xiaobei had just come up with. None of them would have thought that he would spend so many Spiritual Stones on a useless item.

“I bid 450 million!” said the masked man with no hesitation.


Chen Xiaobei was left in bewilderment. He knew that all the Spiritual Stones that he just earned would be cleared out if he continued to bid with this man. He might even need to use some of his own Spiritual Stones that he had saved for a long time.

“I bid 450.1 million Spiritual Stones!” shouted Chen Xiaobei.

It was then that everyone knew Chen Xiaobei had just come up with everything he had on him.

“It seems like this item will belong to the man in mask!” said the auctioneer.

“I give up! He can have it!” said the masked man.

“Huh?! Are you kidding me?” said the auctioneer.

“This is great! He gives up on bidding it! Could it be he possesses only 450 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones? God bless the Divine Dragon race!” said Ling Qingfeng.

Chen Xiaobei did not feel any happiness whatsoever from winning the bid at all. He knew the whole thing was not as simple as he thought it was.

“Dear customer, please pay up!” said the auctioneer while holding the shattered pieces of Divine Item in the tray.