The burning purple hurt their eyes. People didn’t dare open them in a long while.

After a countless amount of time, bits of coldness spread over. When they reopened their eyes, the terrifying flames were only the last remaining inklings of flames.

The melted ground was now coated in a thick layer of ice. The angry purple wave was completely calmed. Even so, the people were still in fear because, under the flames, any of them and their soul pets were small.

“Thank you for helping, elder.” Lu Yuqin rode her cloud immortal dragon tail phoenix over to the cloud gate elder and said politely.

“Just a slight effort. Thankfully, the hades’ strength is somewhat suppressed. If it completely releases its Hades flames, the casualties were even worse.” Cloud gate elder said.

Lu Yuqin nodded, and glanced over at the battlefield afar.

“You don’t have to look for anything. Sword Light Beast couldn’t possibly stop a blow like that. Li Xu lost. Check if the sword light beast is still alive or not. Don’t make the feud too deep.

Lu Yuqin saluted simply, and brought her cloud immortal dragon tail phoenix towards Li Xu.

The glacier was utterly destroyed. Li Xu stood dumbly in the center, his pupils having lost their focus.

This time, the sword light beast was laying not far from him. Its body was burnt wide with flames, and one could already see the burnt flesh in it.

The sword light beast painfully struggled and constantly howled.

Li Xu didn’t even dare to summon it back, because the sword light beast was still in flames. If he brought the soul pet back to his space, even his soul would burn up.

Just as Li Xu was about to lose his mind, Lu Yuqin had got there. She told her cloud immortal dragon tail phoenix to blow the flames off of sword light beast, and summoned another light type soul pet to give it a light type healing.

Seeing Lu Yuqin’s actions, Li Xu finally realized that he was still alive, and quickly went forth to give Sword Light Beast medicine.

Though it lived, it only had half a life left, and couldn’t possibly fight more.

After a while, Li Xu brought the dying sword light beast back to cloud realm territory and, following that was Chu Mu, along with his shocking purple flame fox supreme.

The glacial world was silent now. Everyone looked at the victorious Chu Mu and the defeated Li Xu. He knew nothing else to compare his own emotions to.


Cloud relam’s last realm master Li Xu was defeated!!

A total of seven battles- Cloud Realm sent nearly the seven strongest people in their entire realm yet they still lost. Anyone could see that in the last battle New Moon Ground won with an overwhelming advantage that was clean, yet also unexpected.

“Win!!! Hahahah, we won!!!”

In the silence, someone’s voice suddenly sounded with a powerful and inspiring power.

Following that, New Moon Ground’s people all went wild!

Territorial Independence!

This was probably the first time in a few hundred years that a territory went independent. Whether it was the past or the future, New Moon Ground would be the first.

Seeing everyone cheering around them, Liu Binglan smiled.

This battle probably caused everyone to know about New Moon Ground. Liu Binglan was already planning on spreading their faction towards the nearby realms. This battle was the best beginning of the expansion of three palaces!!

Ye Wansheng, Mu QIngyi, Prince Chao, Shen Mo, Shen Lang, and a few others were also all smiling broadly.

They believed in Chu Mu’s strength, and trusted that they could win but they never thought the victory would come so easily and cleanly!


Chu Mu stayed in the air, and looked at Li Xu frantically trying to heal his sword light beast.

At this time, all experts of cloud realm looked at Chu Mu with a different expression now. They knew clearly that the man before them needed the three strongest people of cloud realm to come together to be defeated.

Chu Mu didn’t focus solely on Cloud Realm. He hovered above the New Moon Ground faction and cloud realm faction. At this time, his outstanding nature was easy to see from all.

Fighting three cloud realm experts in a row was enough to prove his strength!

“From today on, New Moon Ground is I, Chu Mu’s, own territory! Without my permission, no matter if you are a cloud realm master, some border commander, or a high official of Divine Sect… will die!” Chu Mu used his mental voice to say to the hundreds of thousands of people.

Chu Mu, of course, said it in front of everyone, meaning that more than a few hundred thousand would hear this. Because, in no time at all, the realms and kingdoms nearby would all spread the warning outwards!

Chu Mu’s words were scathing. Though the cloud realm lost experts were angry, they didn’t dare directly go against it.

Lu Yuqin heard this, and furrowed her brows because Chu Mu lumped Divine Sect members into this as well.

Divine Sect was the utmost organization in all of human realm. Anyone in the territory had to treat them like their most honorable guest. Did this New Moon Ground want to stop Divine Sect as well?

Lu Yuqin was calm in disposition and just acted like Chu Mu didn’t know the rules and didn’t mind. She thereafter announced their independence and said they were protected by Divine Sect. Without Divine Sect’s permission, they weren’t allowed to start a war against New Moon Ground. Dominator rank experts need permission to even enter this territory or else its seen as an intrusion where Divine Sect members had a duty to capture them!

Personal territories and realms had a fundamental difference, especially ones that are affirmed by Divine Sect. This wasn’t something that could easily be ignored!

“One can only put hope on others.”

After the battle failed, Lu Yuqin knew that she couldn’t take the dominator rank devil soul anymore.

In reality, Lu Yuqin knew clearly that the dominator rank devil soul wasn’t something that could be easily asked for. Many times, they would rather self destruct than sign a soul pact with an owner that didn’t fit them. Since the girl could sign a soul pact with the dominator rank devil soul, she must be different in some fashion. Maybe stealing it would instead cause her to gain bad karma.


“Old man, I couldn’t tell that you were such an expert. You remember our bet before?” Ye Wansheng smiled with ill intent.

Cloud gate elders had no choice. He originally just wanted cloud realm experts to get rid of this young man’s attitude and then he would clean up afterwards. Yet, he never expected New Moon Ground to have such an abnormally powerful young man, actually beating all of cloud realm.

“Ai, I watched their gate for my whole life. Helping you guard New Moon Ground isn’t a big deal.” Cloud gate elder said.

The old man protecting cloud gate was equal to protecting New Moon Ground. What was different was, New Moon Ground’s future powerful enemies weren’t something the old man could ignore anymore.

Chu Mu naturally could tell that the old man was extremely powerful. If he was willing to stay in New Moon Ground, Chu Mu wouldn’t have as many worries leaving.

“Speaking of which, old man, were you some incredible character back when? Why is even Lu Yuqin so polite towards you?” Ye Wansheng added.

“What incredible character, I’m just a lost fighter. Kid, stop asking around.” Cloud gate old man sighed.

As he spoke, cloud gate elder looked at Chu Mu and hesitated before saying, “You remind me of a person.”

Chu Mu didn’t know who the old man was referring to.

As the man spoke, Liu Binglan slightly reacted but furrowed his brows, “Is he called Chu Tianmang?”

“Should be.” Cloud gate elder asked Chu Mu, “You two are father and son right?”

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up immediately.

“Don’t look at me like that, I only observed him for a bit. If I didn’t guess wrong, he should be in Darkness Sect now. Darkness Sect is indeed a place to grow swiftly but one could easily lose direction. I felt that his heart was firm as steel but he continues in a wrong direction!” Cloud gate elder’s voice became low so Lu Yuqin wouldn’t hear.

“Wrong direction…..” Chu Mu muttered.

His own path leader was his father Chu Tianmang, which was the right direction in Chu Mu’s heart: the constant push towards the path of soul pets. Could it be that his leader was actually walking the wrong way….

“Or maybe he realized but his determination leads him continuously along the road. A few years back, he wanted to come back to New Moon Ground. With his strength, he could have easily swept through all of New Moon Ground. I was just worried he would bring things not belonging to New Moon Ground back so I stopped him from entering.” Cloud gate elder said.

“Something not belonging to New Moon Ground?” Chu Mu was even more confused now..

“Darkness Sect! If he wanted to enter Darkness Sect, all of his whereabouts would be controlled by Darkness Sect elders- New Moon Ground isn’t as simple as you think. Once Darkness Sect enters, the place will no longer be an untainted land. Your territory is independent now, but Darkness Sect never follows rules. You must be careful in the future. because New Moon Ground will slowly get attention from others.” Cloud gate elder said.


“He territory – cloud realm – New Moon Ground….”

“Now it should be He Realm – New Moon Ground, without the cloud realm before it, right?” Xu Daofeng took out a pen, and changed the territorial belonging in the territorial courts.

Truthfully, Xu Daofeng didn’t expect Chu Mu to truly succeed. Even he just wanted to stall time to find another way.

“No, since its an independent territory, New Moon Ground doesn’t even belong to He Territory. It should be “Zhengming Continent, Double Monument Ground – New Moon Ground.” Lu Yuqin corrected Xu Doafeng as a teacher.

Xu Daofeng paused and asked, “Tenth and ninth monument…… so New Moon Ground is the double monument land!”

Lu Yuqin nodded and didn’t say any more.

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