Chapter 1255: You’ll Have An Older Brother To Protect You

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But… The Shen family was such a huge household. Was there really a place for an outsider like her?

Old Mrs. Shen already brought back Shen Manting. Would the Shens permit another addition to the family?

It was already generally acknowledged that Old Mrs. Shen wasn’t in full possession of her mental faculties. Would her words truly be accepted by everyone else?

Besides, Yu Lili had never even considered this possibility before.

Old Mrs. Shen had brought this subject up so suddenly that Yu Lili had been caught completely unaware. However, at the same time, her heart felt warm and touched.

Ou Ming turned Yu Lili’s hand over in his and held on to it. In a whisper, he said, “You don’t have to think about anyone else right now. All you need to consider is whether you are agreeable or not agreeable to it.”

Yu Lili looked at Ou Ming’s face. The look in his eyes deepened as he said, “Granny Shen is an elder who is very deserving of respect.”

He was especially appreciative of the sincere and comfortable attitude Old Mrs. Shen took in her interactions with Yu Lili. “If such an elder could really become your grandmother, it would make a huge difference.”

Ou Ming’s voice was very low. Shen Zhilie and Old Mrs. Shen knew that the two of them were talking, but they couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Judging from the way Yu Lili’s expression was softening, they could tell that she was swayed.

“I really like you. Make a trip back with me. In the future, just treat the Shen family in the Capital as your home. Say yes?” Old Mrs. Shen gazed at Yu Lili. Her cloudy eyes beaming with warmth.

Yu Lili was in a bit of a daze. In the time she took to react, her eyes had begun to sting with unshed tears.

“Can I really?” Yu Lili looked toward Shen Zhilie.

Shen Zhilie took in Yu Lili’s demeanor and replied, “You can. Of course you can!” As he said those words, his heart began to ache. It was an uncomfortable, unhappy, sad, and painful feeling.

It was destined that he would never be able to stand between Yu Lili and Ou Ming. In the past few days, although nothing had been said openly, it was obvious that Yu Lili couldn’t let go of Ou Ming.

Ou Ming, despite losing the use of his eyes and hand, had enough courage to chase Yu Lili down all the way to Fujian without anyone by his side. That action in itself revealed how deep Ou Ming’s feelings for Yu Lili ran.

Since that was the case, he wasn’t willing to break up the two lovers. If he couldn’t be her man, he was willing to be Yu Lili’s older brother instead.

Shen Zhilie gazed at Yu Lili and playfully said, “From now on, I’ll be your older brother. Call me that and let’s see how it sounds!”

Yu Lili giggled a little. With reddened eyes, she ventured in a small voice, “Older Brother…”

The volume wasn’t loud. But, when it reached Shen Zhilie’s ears, his heart shattered into a million pieces. He forced himself to keep up a front. He wasn’t going to allow himself to be embarrassed in front of his little sister and her man.

He could bring himself to smile, but didn’t bother to try. With a straight face, he nodded his head and replied, “Nice. Well done. In the future, you’ll have an older brother to protect you. If Ou Ming ever treats you poorly, I’ll be here for you.”

Old Mrs. Shen was exhilarated at the turn of events. Her face radiated with happiness. Her eyes, which were usually cloudy with age, shined brightly.

“Great! Great! Great!” Old Mrs. Shen was so happy. “You’re even more like my granddaughter than Shen Manting is! How good it would have been if you’d been the one I’d met then!”

Shen Manting’s lot in life was destined to be entangled with the Shen family. That destiny had come with a tinge of inauspiciousness. If she was able to overcome the inauspiciousness, she would bring prosperity to the Shen family. If she wasn’t able to, however regrettably, she would end up destroying herself.

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