Chapter 1257: Mother

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Otherwise, Yu Lili couldn’t figure out why someone who had been willing to fork out money for a surrogate mother would decide to abandon her in the end.

Ou Ming tapped her gently on her forehead and said, “Think good thoughts! Don’t be so pessimistic!”

Yu Lili smiled and pulled his arm as she walked out of the airport.

At this point in time, they could only leave it up to fate. So many years had already passed. Whether or not her parents could be found wasn’t of much importance to Yu Lili.

What if my parents turned out to be despicable people? What am I to do, then?

While Yu Lili was thinking these thoughts, Ou Ming flagged a taxi. The both of them went to the train station to meet up with Wen Fenglin, who was waiting there for them. The three of them then took a high-speed rail back to Kingstown.

Yu Lili spent the train ride in a fitful sleep. By the time they reached the destination, a good three to four hours had passed.

The sky was cloudy and gray, and the weather wasn’t ideal.

Before going anywhere else, Ou Ming made a trip to the hospital with Yu Lili for a medical checkup. He was told by the doctor that his recovery was coming along very nicely.

Rest assured, Yu Lili then made her way home on her own.

Ou Ming’s act wasn’t over. He couldn’t allow her to spoil her own surprise.

When Yu Lili got home, she made a video call to Ye Qianqian.

What she didn’t expect was for Ye Qianqian to be full of grievances. The moment she saw Yu Lili, her eyes welled up in tears. She cried out, “Lili! My dear Lili! I’ve just realized what a good life you have! At least you have a man who treats you well. As for my sister… oh my god!”

“What’s wrong?” Yu Lili observed that Ye Qianqian looked noticeably more haggard than before and felt pity toward her as she remarked, “Don’t tell me Shen Zhilie’s older brother did something bad to your little sister again?”

“Oh my goodness! Don’t even ask! At least Shen Zhilie still possesses some semblance of a proper human being. How is it then that his older brother can be so detestable? They were indeed not borne by the same mother! But, how can the difference be so vast?” Ye Qianqian tone was full of stubborn grit. She huffed in anger, “This is so infuriating! Did you know that…”

A voice called out in the background, “Older Sister.”

Upon hearing that weak voice, Ye Qianqian stopped her tirade short. All the words that she had wanted to spit out stayed lodged in her throat.

Yu Lili knew that it had to be Ye Youyou calling.

“Give me a moment. I’ll call you back later.” Ye Qianqian significantly lowered her voice and proceeded to hang up the phone.

Ye Qianqian kept the phone and turned around. She rushed to Ye Youyou’s bedside and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Help me pack my things. I want to get discharged.” Ye Youyou voice was still weak. When she looked into Ye Qianqian’s eyes, her face was serious and unyielding.

Ye Qianqian heard what Ye Youyou was asking for and instinctively looked at the state she was in. The injuries on both her hands weren’t superficial. Her right hand had a bone fracture, her left hand was sprained, and her wrists were swollen and bruised. Her hands were wrapped up in casts, and one leg was bandaged tightly. She looked like a mess.

She wants to be discharged in this state?

“No way. You need to stay under observation in the hospital for a little longer. Just be good. I promised Dad that I would take good care of you. How would you have me answer to Dad?” Ye Qianqian started to feel her temper rise as she spoke. “Seriously, how busy must your mother be that she can’t even come to visit you when you’re so badly injured! Has she forgotten her daughter after having a new son?”

Ye Youyou laughed bitterly when she heard that and commented, “She’s your mother too.”

“Bah! I don’t recognize that woman as my mother! She’s not worth it!” Ye Qianqian huffed in righteous indignation. Soon enough, she calmed down and griped, “Had I known earlier…”

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