Chapter 1137: Lotus of Heavenly Command Changes Colors Nine Times

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The Dharma Supreme was stunned, and he said, “Yes, let’s go and take a look!”

Wu Juecheng smiled faintly, and said, “But, even if this was not the doing of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, it is still good that the Nine Super Clans are to fight the Nine Tribulations Sword Master till death. So… don’t reveal the matter.”

The Dharma Supreme smiled. “Brother Wu is over-considerate. Just now, Zhuge Cangqiong didn’t say that this is the doing of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master. But whoever the culprit is, the fate energy that has been lost cannot be refound. The only way out is to extract it from the Nine Tribulations, so that our fortune can be sustained. That’s why there is the saying of “going against the heavens to extract fate energy”. That’s because even if it is because of the heavenly mandate that one’s fate energy dissipates, so long as he extracts the fate energy of the Nine Tribulations, it can still be sustained.”

Wu Juecheng was stunned and said, “That’s right. I made myself a villain for no reason.” He laughed.

“Let’s go.” The Dharma Supreme smiled slightly.

The two figures, one in black and one in white, drifted out of the door together.

The Dharma Supreme directly rose up and went away like a black cloud.

And Wu Juecheng actually spun and his whole figure integrated into the world of snow and ice, disappearing completely… He continued on secretly using the method of trace-concealing.

Of the two, one was bright and one was dark.

After all, there was still that unfathomable super-professional in the city. How could Wu Juecheng let his guard down?

Inside the Medicine Banquet.

At the moment, the high priest was focusing his sight on the giant lotus flower above Chu Yang’s head. The fate energy was still gathering from all directions. The lotus flower had long started to change its color slowly, from a holy white to a blue, and now towards red.

Once it has changed into all nine colors one by one, and back to a colorless white, the Heaven Nourishing Jade could be refined!

At this critical junction, there was suddenly the sound of winds.

Outside, a voice said, “Sir Dharma Supreme, no one is allowed to enter during the Medicine Banquet.”

An unhurried voice said, “No matter. I’m here to visit the high priest and Valley Master. There are some matters about the Medicine Banquet that I need to inquire about.”

The Supreme Martial Artist guard said, “Please wait for a moment, Sir Dharma Supreme. I’ll relay the message.”

The high priest heard this clearly, and was immediately enraged. He walked out angrily.

“What’s the matter?” Once the high priest came out, he confronted the Dharma Supreme with this. His face was distorted, his facial expression was ugly.

At this Medicine Banquet, Nine Super Clans became eight after one was chased back by the Dharma Supreme, and seven after Ling Clan was dismissed. Two out of the rest were Pharmacists of the law-enforcement officers, but just like the others, they were cheats- puppies put forth to represent others.

But… now even their consciousness was gone.

It almost ruined the Medicine Banquet completely. The high priest was full of anger, and who else was he to release it at, if not the Dharma Supreme?

At the moment, the Valley Master also came out of the great array. He frowned with a face full of displeasure. “Sir Dharma Supreme. What is it?”

Neither of these were polite, but the Dharma Supreme didn’t get angry, but smiled and said, “I am here to ask: would the extracting of Pharmacist’s fate energy affect the fate energy of Nine Super Clans?”



The high priest and the Valley Master started to refute him at the same time. Their spit almost washed the face of the Dharma Supreme.

“Firstly, we are gathering Pharmacist’s fate energy to fix the sky! It is not an extraction!” the Valley Master said with a black face, “After the Medicine Banquet, the same fate energy still has to be returned.”

“Secondly, the Medicine Banquet is, in a certain way, to benefit the Nine Super Clans. How can it negatively affect the Nine Super Clans?”

“Thirdly, when setting the array, the Medicine Valley only contributed the array map, while the actual setting is done by the Nine Super Clans and the law-enforcement officer. Whether or not it extracts fate energy of the Nine Super Clans… How is it for us from the Medicine Valley to decide? Even if it happens, it can only be the Nine Super Clans seeking their own death!”

“Fourthly, if Dharma Supreme does not believe me, you can examine the array!”

The Valley Master of Medicine Valley said forcefully, “Sir Dharma Supreme also has the array map. If any problem comes up during your examination, please go and look for the person who set the array.”

The Dharma Supreme smiled bitterly. “I’m only asking.”

“I also want to ask Sir Dharma Supreme.” The high priest was no longer able to restrain himself. “All the people sent by Nine Super Clans and the law-enforcement officer had Soul Transfer Technique used on them! I wonder what Sir Dharma Supreme thinks about this?”

The Dharma Supreme’s eyes suddenly became fierce. “There’s actually such a thing? It’s really bold of them!”

The high priest sneered, “This Medicine Banquet is almost ruined by these people blinded by self-interest. I don’t know who is it that ate too much fat that it impeded their judgment, to stare with their eyes as shortsighted as a mouse to give such a foolish idiotic idea, and do such a deed so base, so vile that they deserve to not have any offspring! They should definitely deserve to be punished with a million deaths and the death of all their kins as well! Hope Sir Dharma Supreme will investigate this seriously!”

The temples of the Dharma Supreme beat several times. He stared at the high priest and raged, “Such bastards! I’ll definitely investigate thoroughly!”

With that said, he turned around and said, “I’ll go and see if there’s anything amiss in the array…”

He left in a hurry.

The Valley Master looked at the high priest, and they smiled at each other.

He said through a voice transmission, “How does it feel to scold the Dharma Supreme on his face?”

All anger disappeared from the high priest’s face. His old face wrinkled with a smile to look like a chrysanthemum flower. He nodded rapidly. “Awesome!”

Neither of them were silly- who else besides the Dharma Supreme could give orders to both the law-enforcement officers and the Nine Super Clans at the same time? Right now, the high priest indirectly cursed him and released his anger thoroughly.

The Dharma Supreme circled around the giant array and found no abnormalities. He stood on the top and looked at it, and found nothing wrong as well. He directly disrupted his divine sense and started examining fate energy using his primal divine sense. But still, he didn’t discover the array extracting anything from the Nine Super Clans…

He only saw the fate energy of countless Pharmacists around the world gathering towards here. Each trace was very weak…

The Dharma Supreme shook his head, and finally came down.

“How?” The high priest asked, rolling his eyes.

“There’s no problem…” The Dharma Supreme frowned. “But the mountains that supported the ancestral graves of the Nine Super Clans suddenly all collapsed, with no one spared… All the clans’ fate energy is completely gone! How did this actually happen?”

“Huh? Such a thing actually happened?” The Valley Master and the high priest looked at each other.

Immediately, the high priest said, “About that, we know nothing. In any case, this matter has nothing to do with us Medicine Valley. By the way, Sir Dharma Supreme, the fate energy of Medicine Valley hasn’t been emptied, right?”

The Dharma Supreme’s gaze was deep. “No such thing happened to Medicine Valley.”

“That’s good! That’s good!” The high priest and Valley Master were very relieved, and smiled happily.

The Dharma Supreme couldn’t stay on any longer. He turned around and left.

Inside, the two old men smiled at each other. Both people smiled silently, blowing on their mustache. Their eyes squinted and their eyebrows wrinkled. They were utterly joyful.

Inside the gigantic array.

Dense mist rose.

Wu Juecheng’s white figure suddenly appeared under Chu Yang’s stone column. He looked up at the gigantic lotus up above and muttered, “The Fate Energy Lotus is about to be finished… If we destroy it now… A millennium plan will be destroyed…”

Frowning, his body floated up lightly and he came before Chu Yang, looking at his face.

On Chu Yang’s face was pain, and faint seven colors, which gathered and scattered, but never disappearing completely or gathering completely.

“Huh?” Doubts rose in Wu Juecheng’s heart: from this look, he was clearly poisoned, and the poison had not been detoxified; yet, its spread had already been slowed significantly, controlling the toxins.

What was the reason?

At a glance, he saw a small jade bottle with a Purple Crystal core in Chu Yang’s arms. His hand was still clutching it.

Could the reason be from this small bottle?

Wu Juecheng frowned. The jade bottle with a Purple Crystal core opened silently. A fresh fragrance came out from it.

It actually contained a rhythm of life!

“No wonder, that it can temporarily dissolve my poison. He actually has the spring of life…” Wu Juecheng was relieved. He actually smiled mildly and muttered, “Since he’s not the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, it appears I’ll have to leave him to be dealt with after the Medicine Banquet…”

His figure swayed, and with a flash, he disappeared without a trace.

A while after Wu Juecheng left, Chu Yang’s eyes were still closed, but a thin layer of sweat quietly formed on his forehead…

I didn’t expect this guy to actually come… This situation was really dangerous.

Should it not be for the fact that the Medicine Banquet aimed to deal with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, right now he would probably be turned into powder by a casual slap by him…

Wu Juecheng had just left when the high priest and Valley Master entered. From far away, they saw the lotus flower above Chu Yang’s head.

Both wore solemn looks.

The conversion had already reached the fifth color.

“The preparation is almost done, right?” asked the Valley Master.

“Almost done.” The high priest looked serious and solemn. “When it reaches the eighth color, and there is enough fate energy, we will be able to activate the ultimate form of the Great Heavens-Reversing Array, lead the great innate powers to fill its body, gather fate energy of pharmacists of a thousand years, and start refining the medicine! At that time, it would require all Supreme Martial Artists to work together, break into nine groups, and send a total of eight hundred and ten portions of spirit medicine into the lotus pond. The lotus flower will turn to nine colors one by one for a second time, and form the Lotus of Heavenly Command. In the last seconds, you and I will stir the powers of the medicine and concentrate the forces of fate energy. The Lotus of Heavenly Command will melt into heaven and early, adjusting yin and yang and gathering whistling winds and clouds… Then, the Heaven Nourishing Jade will be made.”

The Valley Master nodded deeply and let out a long sigh. “This Medicine Banquet can succeed after all! The process was too bad to be looked back upon…”

The high priest snorted and said, “We have Chu Yang to thank this time. Has Valley Master not yet noticed that he is still under the effect of poison? He is sustaining himself and preventing himself from falling with sheer perseverance. We must thank him properly!”

The Valley Master nodded. “Of course.”

Then he said, “Since the situation is set, I will proceed outside to announce that the champion of the Medicine Banquet is Chu Yang.”

The high priest didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “All the others are dead… Is there anyone else to be champion if he is not?”

The Valley Master laughed, turned around and left.

The two were relaxed at this moment, but they knew deep down that the danger of this Medicine Banquet has surpassed that of all that had taken place in the past nine thousand years!

But some things could not be said explicitly…

Outside, heavy snow was still falling. Another thick layer had formed on the ground, above the original snow. But many were still there waiting for the final announcement of the winner.

That was when the voice of the Valley Master sounded amidst all the wind and snow. “The final round of Medicine Banquet now concludes. The champion of this Banquet, the first Pharmacist of the world, is…”

He paused, and then exclaimed with a loud and high-pitched voice, “Chu Yang, Pharmacist of law-enforcement officers in the South-East region!

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